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Vitamin D and Thyroid

I have been reading lately that vitamin D boosts T4/T3 conversion and also augments T4/T3 uptake.

I would like to know whether anyone has experienced such positive results in practice and has become, let's say, less hypothyroid by taking vitamin D? (I mean whether vitamin D works so synergetically with thyroid therapy that it actually can be felt by the lessening hypothyroid symptoms?)

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If someone is vitamin D deficient they will benefit from correcting the deficiency whether or not they notice an improvement in hypothyroid symptoms.

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Of course, Clutter.

I was just wondering if anyone can share their experience (if any) with vitamin D and boosted thyroid function.

My D was low, borderline and I am supplementing.


My conversion improved but that was by increasing some supplements I was already taking plus adding some more in, Vitamin D was one of them. Vitamin D certainly improved bone mineral density as my osteopenia went away and I was back in the normal range. I was pretty low and live in the north of England and rarely sit out in the sun so it certainly helped me overall but can't put it down just to that.


Thank you, Silverfox7!


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