Help with results please

Hi everyone. I have finally got my results back and would be really grateful for your help with them as I have no idea what they mean but my GP said they were all OK. I've had an under active thyroid now for 4 years + just felt so sick with so many symptoms like fatigue, no concentration weight gain muscle pain feels like I do things in slow motion bad memory water retention and so many more. I started self medicating about a year + half ago with nature throid + felt abit better + pins + needles stopped as I upped my tablet's

I'm now on 1+3/4grain of ndt + 6 mg of t3 but just added in t3 about 4 months ago but UpTo now I don't feel any better. I now have to get more bloods done as I have borderline prolactin. Thanks again for your help and support

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  • alfinno I think you forgot to include the results :)

  • Its vital we know the results for




    Vit d3

    Free t4

    Free t3


    Only then can we fathom whats going on

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