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Environmental Toxicants and Infant Mortality in the USA

This is a rather alarming study about how we are poisoning ourselves and our children, in the USA. A little off topic but many feel chemical toxicity contributes to autoimmune diseases. This is a free PDF for those that are interested. PR

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Thanks for posting PR4NOW. Maybe Drug Companies will pay more attention to what awful excipients they put in our medicines. All the kind of things we need to know and not too far of topic at all.


Thank you PR4NOW for this link and toxicity can affect all of us without our being aware of being infected. How authorities can have full control what is put in or taken out of products/water/medications which we might find out years later could have caused our problems will be far too late particularly for the younger generations.


I thought one of the big differences between the USA and Europe is how companies get new substances approved for use in food or in items that the general public would come into contact with.

In Europe the assumption is that substances are unsafe until proven otherwise.

In the USA the assumption is (within obvious limits) that substances are safe until proven otherwise.

Novel substances can appear in food much earlier in the US than they can in Europe, after much less testing.

Another difference is in hygiene rules.

In Europe farmers, food manufacturers, and distributors have to adhere to extremely strict hygiene rules from beginning to end of the life cycle of that food, whether it is vegetable or animal.

In the US hygiene rules are concentrated on the last stages just before someone eats a particular food.

I think the US was a pioneer in the washing of ageing meat for instance, to make it "fit" for consumption.

It was this that drove me frantic when TTIP was being negotiated. Inevitably, in order to compete, Europe would have had to relax some of its rules. The race to the bottom would have been swift.


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