hi, I know this has nothing to do with thyriod but I'm so scared right now.

I have an ulcer (I think) on the outside of my big toe and when I looked It up it said I had diabetes

a few days ago it was dry skin but today it looked like blood was under it. so I picked it and the skin on top and it looks like there's a slight hole in my skin.

the skin underneath is light pink and looks fine.

I've always had hard skin on my toe and foot and I've had the same thing before but never thought anything of it.

I walked home in my bare feet 2 weeks ago and had sore feet and toes and I wear tight shoes.

any response would be appreciated.

I'm a slight hypochondriac and just turned 18

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  • Best thing you can do is relax, see your GP and, as a health anxiety sufferer myself, I would stop googling stuff and look into relaxation methods instead, you don't need the stress and at the tender age of 18 you'd be better off not worrying over nothing :) x

  • but what if it is diabetes? I feel shaky and have a cold sweat the now thinking about it

  • What if it isn't? You won't know until a gp does a simple blood test, but even so, it can be treated, I had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant in 2013, I controlled it by just cutting out sugar and I'm still here with no more diabetes. It can be controlled but I'm sure you're worrying over nothing, it could just be an ingrown toenail or an infection caused by something that you picked up from walking bare foot or even just an injury from your shoes, you really need to take a few deep breaths and relax, just keep telling yourself that you're fine and you will relax enough to think more clearly x

  • I've had the shakes for a while and panicked over having a nerve disease and now I've looked up after seeing my toe I'm worrying again

  • Do you drink energy drinks? If so don't because that gives certain people, who are sensitive to caffeine, the shakes and panic feelings... I know this from experience too... X

  • It doesn't sound like an ulcer to me but check with your GP for reassurance. I think you would have many other symptoms of diabetes, before reaching the stage of foot ulcers. Best not to keep Googling but just let the nice pink skin underneath come through as it heals. Blister from walking in tight shoes maybe?

  • but it looks the same as the pictures of the diabetes one although I think all toe islets would look the same

    I don't drink energy drinks anymore anyway so I don't think it's that. I drink caffeine free diet Pepsi and water now.

  • Honestly see your GP just to check and possibly ask to be considered for CBT to address the anxiety issue, it works a treat at helping you get over the worry and panic side of things. Honestly though Hennerton is right, there would be way more symptoms for diabetes before the ulcer stage....

    Also aspartame has similar side effect symptoms to what you're describing (shaking and anxiety) drop the fizzies and drink just water, I reckon you'll feel much better from that x

  • Hello, I didn't eat for 2 hours got my blood checked by my uncle and everything was normal. even got told that my sugar levels are perfect especially after eating, thanks for your help. I also found out it was just a burst blister; I will stop the fizzy drinks though. also found out my shaking can be due to my poor diet

  • See? Panic over :) in future just relax :) x

  • Ingrown toenail? Check google on how to avoid them. There's images too.

  • I was thinking blister as well but it is easy to panic, I understand that. I wasn't growing up in the Internet age either so I would have had to ask my GP if worried about things. The Internet is a wonderful thing in many ways but it can put ideas into our heads. As I've got older and hopefully wiser I accept suggestions as that and then decide whether I should actually speak to anyone. a few months back I saw a new Endo who did many tests but hadn't pre suggested fasting. Consequently the random blood sugar was high and would I get my GP to do a fasting one and then a glucose tolerance if necessary- he was worried diabetes was on the horizon. After a few hours of panic and I can't cope with anything else I put that out of my mind and said that I need to do this rather than worry about it and if the tests were positive then isn't it good to get it sorted quickly? The only answer is 'yes'. It was fine. The day at the hospital I'd a shocking cough and full of cough mixture, a high dose of sugar. Experience in life shows you that whatever is thrown at you its best in most cases to get advice. Worry have never made anyone better! So glad you got it sorted and nothing serious.

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