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I'm getting fed up with my GP's and I want to change to another surgery. I've had hypothyroidism for about 12 years. Diagnosed by Gordon Skinner. He put me on Thyroxine, then Liothyronine. My GP was fine with it for a long time, until the price started going up. Now every so often I get dragged in and asked to justify using it. There have been other issues as well. How do you go about finding a new surgery that is happy to prescribe both Thyroxine and Liothyronine? And a GP that understands hypothyroidism and can see passed just using blood results and will listen to the paitient as well? Thanks in advance.

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  • StephSteph,

    You could write to practice managers asking for assurance that your Levothyroxine and Liothyronine prescriptions will be continued if you move. No idea how you can tell what a GPs understanding of hypothyroidism is or how they treat patients in advance. You should check out patient reviews if there is a practice website.

    There is information on how to choose a GP in nhs.uk/chq/Pages/1088.aspx

  • I didn't think of writing to the practice manager. My gp is the one who does the financial stuff and I've been told my name flags up in red because of the Liothyronine. I understand and if there was another option then I'd be the first to take it.

  • Stephsteph,

    If T3+T4 is working for you T3 should not be withdrawn purely because of cost. See the BTA position in british-thyroid-association...

  • The best way to find a decent GP is to talk to people who live locally to you. Preferably they should have a chronic condition and be self informed about it.

  • helvella posted a link a while ago to a tool which lets you see what surgeries are prescribing. It wouldn't be a perfect answer but seeing which surgeries prescribe liothyronine might provide some clues to surgeries who would be open-minded. Although of course your own surgery would appear on that list, but you'd be able to see how many other liothyronine prescriptions they write...

  • Have a look here nhsbsa.nhs.uk/PrescriptionS...

    A good place to start would seem to be the Quick Start guide.

  • Thank you, I'll look into that. It will at least give me an idea. I know the pharmacist has told me there's only a handful of people they've given it to.

  • Sounds like The Holy Grail of GP Practice Steph.

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