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Good morning, I am a new member, so Hi ,..... Every morning I get up with stiffness, tired like I didn't get a bit of sleep, a slight headache, and I feel like I didn't get a bit of sleep. I've been stressed here lately due to my job and my husband just received a liver transplant. I want to get back to my happy cheerful self.

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Hi draetina Have you had any thyroid function tests carried out? If so please post the results with reference ranges for members to comment.


Seems like you have had plenty of stress and it may be that alone causing your tiredness.


Welcome to the forum! Do not struggle alone, we are all here to help. The first thing to do is have your blood tested and then come back and tell us the results so we can guide you further. You could ask your GP for a full panel of tests, so that if anything else shows up, you can get it sorted.


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