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levothyroxine adjustment -back to work-thyroid surgery

so biopsy was good.:)so now i m happy about that but i was wondering when people say that they have hard time adjusting with the right dose levothyroxine what were the symptoms?

why people say its really hard?i really hope fast or low heartbeats are not in the menu

Also after tt surgery its been almost a month i have to go back to work.I m afraid and embarrassed since i gained a little weight.i try to be positive but the truth is that i m not ready yet.After one month of thyroid i still feel discomfort on my throat and its a little bit swollen. i have to stand up 7-8 hrs and work on machines and that scares me what ifi feel fatigue again?

for those who had the surgery how long lasted until you feel normal with your throat/neck again?

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Congratulations, that must be a relief!

People may have a variety of symptoms when they aren't optimally dosed. Fast and low heartbeats may be symptoms for some. You've only been taking Levothyroxine for a month so you won't yet be getting the full impact of the dose you are currently on and may not be optimally dosed yet.

People have different rates of recovery. If you don't feel well and fit enough to go back to work you should ask your GP to extend your sick certificate.


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