High TPA

I have Hashis and just can seem to get right. Diagnosed at thirty years ago,Levo of course but last two years or so NDT...am on the supposed best one now ..WP thyroid,

But always caught between feeling over and under by turns.

Just had full thyroid profile done...antibodies 82.....ref range says over 34 is positive..so this strikes me as high..but don't really understand it !



Free T3......3.9

Anyone any thoughts, especially on the tpa ..?.

Was about to embark on reducing my already low dose of hrt ...to see if this is the problem...

Thank you everyone.

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  • the antibody test just indicates the level at which your body is attacking your thyroid. If you are autoimmune, which you are, this just proves it. You might want to include the reference ranges for your thyroid results so people can make comments.

    The only thing that reduced my antibodies was going gluten free which also reduced inflammation generally :-)

  • I've seen going gluten free reduce several people's antibodies.

  • Thanks..have been resisting the gluten free bit...unsurprisingly...

    Can you honestly say you FEEL BETTER since you went gluten free and the antibodies came down ?

  • It completely changed my life lol! My blood sugar levels went back to normal and no longer need to worry about what I eat, could stay awake all day, Adrenals glands no longer on the blink plus all the little things like water retention, blisters, ibs aches and pains all completely disappeared and halved my thyroid dose. Folate has stopped being deficient but still trying to get aneamia, vit and b12 up but not as bad as they were. Basically, even my endo was amazed lol. May not work for everyone but definitely worth a try :-)

  • Thanks for this...when you say you no longer worry about what you eat...do you mean you are no longer gluten free ?

  • No I mean I can eat as much sugar/carbs as I like without having to worry about diabeties. I had been borderline diabetic for a number of years and no matter how diabetic friendly diet I tried to eat, nothing would make a difference. They were about to diagnose me with diabeties but i went gluten free at this point and no longer have a problem controlling sugar levels - so you might say - just in time?

  • Oh that's brilliant ! Will seriously consider it now ! Thankyou for replying..

  • Absolutely!! Me too :-)

  • Amazing discovery between gluten and thyroid here: easy read!


  • Just a general comment. Always put the ranges on when you post results. The ranges differ from lab to lab so if you are close to the perimeter some of us could be reading it differently.

  • I don't understand these ref ranges , I must admit !

    However, it says <34 negative

    34 Borderline

    > Positive.

    T3 ref range 3.1-6.8

    T4 12.0-22.0

    TSH. 0.27-4.20

  • Right ignore the TSH as once on medication it's not accurate but as a guide your FT3 and FT4 should never be lower than half way on your ranges. Both of yours are so you are under medicated. They should be in the top third or even top quarter for you to feel well. FT3 must not be regularly over the range but FT4 can but if FT4 that high you need to be thinking whether you are not converting well so as a rough guide for that the FT4 would be high and the FT3 low.

    Labs have different ranges so with looking at someone else's results other than your own you could get a slightly different scenario if thinking of your own ranges so best to always present results with the right ranges. .

  • I was always told on here if taking NDT then T4 level is low, it is when on levo. it is advised it is best near top end of range.

    Jollypolly is taking NDT.

  • Sorry yes you are right! After my first comment about asking for the ranges I didn't re read when I made the later comment! Thanks for pointing it out. I would hate to confuse people.

  • I agree with Silverfox - you are under. First you have to understand NDT should be dosed by how you feel not some blood test. You need to work out a base dose - say 1.5 or 2 grains per day. This dose would make you go slightly hypo (low) if you took it for 5 day straight. Then ontop of the base dose you take the a little extra depending of how you feel. You need to look for symptoms you can use as a guide to your extra dosing. I use Temp, if I'm 36.0 I need extra if I'm 36.7 I've had too much, but there are plenty of systems you can use, level of anxiety, tingles, exhausted at 3pm etc. Some NDT users dose until they get a slight tremor in their hands when they hold their arms straight out in front. Anyway experiment, low thyroid will kill you, but high thyroid will just make you sweat, and all that lovely T2 will strip the weight off you too.

  • I use temperature as well and find it pretty accurate.

  • Well....my temp stubbornly seems to stick aT ..36.1/2

    It just doesn't seem to shift..hypo or hyper !

  • then you need to address the amount of NDT plus every thing else in your life inc what kind of cookware you use to what your water supply co use to treat your water supply

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