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Hey guys,

I am new to all of this I was referred to the endo by the cardiologist as I am a frequent fainter....and out of the blood tests i have had for years the cardiologist tested my cortisol which was apparently low. The endo has booked me in for a syn test? I belive its called or something along those lines? I am very tiered but cannot sleep...feel drained daily.. . My memory is shocking and my fainting has got progressively worse..I have fainted 5 times since September and just don't know what to do :/ I guess I'm just looking for answers as not everything has been explained...I had a 24hr urine sample that came back ok also.

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Welcome to the forum, Lillylu.

The test your endocrinologist has ordered is a synacthen test to see whether your cortisol levels rise in response to stimulation. There is information about low cortisol and the synacthen test in this link nhs.uk/Conditions/Addisons-...

To make sure the test is conducted properly, read pages 66 - 70 in this document.


It tells you how to prepare properly for the test and what you should expect to be done.

On the day of the test try and keep as calm as possible. Do the absolute minimum of talking. Don't eat or drink (except for water). Leave home in plenty of time so you don't get stressed about traffic or parking.


Lillylu What was the 24 hour urine test for? Was it a private one or NHS? Do you have the results?

Lillylu in reply to SeasideSusie

It was test for tumours on my adrenal glands and was nhs. Do not have the results was only told on the phone...although i am hoping for a copy.

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Lillylu

OK. I was just wondering if it was a private test for thyroid as I can interpret those.

My son used to suffer from fainting , really badly and he was finally diagnosed with having vasovagal syncope. It turned out that his heart was stopping for 12 seconds at a time. He's fine now, seemed to grow out of it after about 5 years. Clemmie

Thank you for all your helpful information, the cardiologist has ruled out heart problems from a 24hr test...although my doctor contacted the cardiologist as he thought he saw a few things on the results. It's all very daunting.


Just had my results base line -166

After an hour 623.

The receptionist said this was normal although I thought it should be 200 with lowest at 190...and then should double...maybe I'm getting confused?

The lady said that the doctor has prescribed fludrocortisone...but said the results were normal...very confused and obviously need to speak to the doctor....can anyone shed some light?


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