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Hi , I have just had my bloods done for the first time since I started Levo .

My previous bloods were as far as I remember Tsh 6.9 free t4 12.1 .

My bloods after 2months on 25mg of Levo are :- 12.1pmol/L[11 - 23]

4.8miu/L[0.27 - 4.5] . My dr has upped my Levo to 50mg

My point is why has my medication been upped ?

I have had previous greaves with AF complications so concerned because Levo can cause AF ! Please help , I'm concerned my dr has been negligent .

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Your doctor has increased your levothyroxine as your TSH is still to high. 25mcg of levothyroxine is only a starting dose, rarely a therapeutic dose. It is standard practice to increase Levo in 25 mcg increments and retest bloods every 6 to 8 weeks until TSH is with in range and the patient has improvement in symptoms. How do you feel? ( also under treatment can also cause AF and other cardiac arrhythmia so optimal medication is important). It sounds as though your doctor is being sensible.

Have you had ferritin, folate, vit b12 and vit d tested? As these can also influence how well your body converts t4 (levothyroxine) to t3 the active hormone in our bodies.

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Thank you cjrsquared, your reply has been very helpful . I do supplement with vit D ,but I don't believe I have been tested for b12 . I will request a test .

I'm still not feeling great ,but hopefully a new dose will help .

Thank you


On the contrary your doctor is doing exactly the right thing. Your TSH is just within range, but still too high for you to feel well, and your T4 is also just within range, but nowhere near optimal.

AF in Graves is caused by excessively high levels of T3. With those readings its unlikely that your T3 is anywhere near optimal, let alone high.

Anxiety is a well known symptom of hypothyroidism. Once your levels are better, you will probably feel much calmer too, and be less likely to get into a panic.

Oh, and there are doctors out there who will leave patients sick because their numbers are 'in range'. In my opinion they are the negligent ones. The object of treatment is to remove the horrible symptoms of hypothyroidism, and the damage that is done to the body from inadequate hormone.


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