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Desperate for treatment

I avnt been diagnosed yet an the pharmasist at our GPs carnt understand wy because of the suffering im going through the worst being my husband as he cannot stand the heat an as to sleep in another bedroom.the waking up at lying in a cold damp bed most nights are taking its tole.I also suffer rheumatoid arthritis and are being treated with methatrexate

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Have you got your latest thyroid blood test results, including the reference ranges?

If so, type them in here. If not, you need to ask for them and then type them on here.

This information will help people to better offer informed help and support.


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Have you had your thyroid tested ? Do you have any results you could share ?

RA is auto-immune so you could also have auto-immune thyroid - Hashimotos.

RA is an inflammatory condition which could be causing the extra heat 😊


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