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Hypothyroidism and Reynauds Phenomenon

Hi all

I haven't posted for a while. I was last on this board to ask for advice about hypothyroidism and miscarriage. I'm pleased to say that I know have a 3 week old little boy, so thank you all for your advice!

Since becoming pregnant and even more so since giving birth, I think I have been experiencing Raynauds Phenomenon...affecting both my Nipples .i read that this can be linked to hypothyroidism. When my Nipples are cold or shortly after breastfeeding, the ends of my Nipples turn white and are very painful. If I apply heat or massage them then the blood returns and the pain goes...

Does anyone have any experience with reynauds? Is there any treatment that my GP will consider?


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Sorry spelling mistake, should be Raynaud!


My Aunt has recently been diagnosed with Raynaud's and she is hypo. She is still undergoing tests (as far as I am aware) But her doctor did mention that the two can come together, there have been links between Thyroid issues and many autoimmune conditions, not just Hashi's.


Congratulations Molliemoo1 what wonderful news. So happy for you :)

Sorry I can't help with your question though, one for your GP or midwife I think.


Congratulations, Molliemoo1 :)


I have it in my fingers and am hypo. Can take up to 25 mins to "defrost" then another 35 to 50 to come back to body temp.


Have you had all thyroid levels checked since your baby was born? After pregnancy we can get rapid changes in hormone levels.

Personally I had very bad raynaud in hands and feet when undermedicated. Completely cured since.

Are you on gluten free diet to try to help reduce your high antibodies?


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