Endo on board, it seems!

Following disastrous attempts to get a prescription for T3, even though endo recommended it, my GP surgery are contacting CCG to see whether they will allow prescribing. In the meantime, my complaint to the surgery is being investigated. My GP has said she will continue to treat/blood test me whilst on self purchased T3, and the endo rang today saying Yes go ahead and he will see me in 3 months. He asked lots of questions about the strength and cost of the T3, was shocked when he compared it to NHS cost. He wants me to take some tablets in with me when I next go. I feel Ive got a bit of a result here? I know I still am paying for it but there is some care & interest, which I didnt expect.

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  • Shelley1954,

    Which T3 are you self medicating?

  • Sorry got my inputting wrong, it's the one from Greece

  • Smudger1,

    Uni-Pharma includes the ingredients in English on the PIL so you could pass that to your endo.

  • Yes will take a packet with me, I think he was amazed at the difference in price.

  • Smudger1,

    Aren't we all!

  • Well done! This might be of interest to Louise, she might want to put him on the list of thyroid friendly doctors. Email louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org.uk

  • The one from Greece

  • Link to article about why so expensive


    You might want to print this out and take along too

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