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Hi guys need advice, 2 weeks post op of part thyroid removal with large toxic nodule. Went to doctors yesterday with pain in base of feet, calves and knees also pins and needles in hands also a few palpitations over last 3/4 days as well feeling need to urinate more often. The doctor googled my symptoms and decided to send me to hospital which bloods were done ecg blood pressure. Doctor came to see me and said bloods had not come back but my calcium levels were ok. Sent me home and said they would ring me today with results, still waiting. He did mention I might of gone under active and not on enough thyroxine. To be honest I felt like he didn't have a clue what was up. i have Graves' disease and currently on 40mg carbimazole and 100mcg levo. Thanks

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  • r_Whipp1970,

    Your GP has already ruled out hypocalcaemia (low calcium) which is sometimes caused by damage to the parathyroid glands during surgery.

    The blood test results will help your GP determine whether Carbimazole and Levothyroxine doses need adjusting. Removing the toxic nodule may mean you no longer require block and replace therapy.

  • Well the hospital finally rang back, calcium levels fine also thyroid function ok however he said I might be something to do with my nerves and mentioned me taking amatripteleen (sorry if spelt wrong) which he said was an antidepressant which would help with the nerve symptoms that are going on with my hands and feet, I'm not happy about that at all. Also he said the are doing further tests on my blood to see if there is any other deficiencies and to call docs on Thursday for results. He didn't think any of my symptoms were to do with my operation.

  • r_whipp1970,

    I'm afraid 'normal' is simply an opinion and when you are taking thyroid medication you really need optimal levels. Please arrange to collect a printout of your results and ranges (the figures in brackets after results) from your GP after you've spoken and post them in a new question for advice.

  • Ok will do thanks 😊

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