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help with results please :-(

help with results please :-(

Hello, its been awhile!

Ok so I've been very good been on my NDT since May last year. Im now on 4 grains per day. I have also started bioidentical HRT 3 months ago. I have never had a result that is "ok" whatever that is as they are all quite baffling....

This is from BH any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I dint take any medications before the test day.

in terms of symptoms i still have a lot of hair loss and lack energy....but the GP puts everything down to menopause......

i tried to get an appointment today but they dont have any so I'm hoping someone here will be able to help as i know that my GP is pretty clueless ;-)

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Results look OK and as expected for someone on NDT. The ranges were developed for people on T4 only and anything containing T3 will give lower TSH and FT4 levels. If you still feel hypo, your FT4 is not stellar so there is probably room for an increase. Make sure you take your hormones 4 hours away from NDT.


thats helpful thank you x


do you think the hair loss is due to the hypothyroidism or the menopause? my symptoms are low mood, tiredness aching joints....but then again this could be due to the menopause ( or has my doctor bamboozled me?) I'm 51 and to be honest i feel like this is what its like to be 80 :-( i thought life started at 50...instead i feel like a miserable weasel most of the time....:-( I'm hoping the HRT will kick in and help with the aforementioned hair loss! as that doesnt help with (and has crushed) my so fed up with this battle....:-(

Thank you so much for your help and input xx


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