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Desperately need a Sympathetic 'Endo' at QE Birmingham or around West Midlands/Cheshire?

I wondered if anyone can tell me of a sympathetic Endocrinologist at the QE Birmingham or within the West Midlands or Cheshire.

I have been taking NDT, T3, DHEA and a multitude of vitamins and minerals on NHS prescription for around 12 years. The CCG and GP have told me they are unwilling to continue my prescription due to the cost; they say £13,000p.a.

The GP says he can write a private prescription which will cost me £1,300pcm. I am semi retired with a state pension of £100pw and an annual work pension of £4,000p.a. My pension isn't enough to sustain me living a normal life without having to pay for my meds.

Without my meds I am the living dead; my body cannot function. My brain doesn't work (I couldn't even remember my d.o.b.) and my body slows to a virtual stop...e.g. pulse 40bpm and I'm not an Olympic Athlete so it should be around 70-80bpm. The slow pulse puts me at risk of a blood clot and therefore, I could suffer a pulmonary embolus, heart attack or stroke. My temp was 34C.

I cannot go back to that hell. I hope someone has some knowledge they can share with me. I am happy to be contacted directly using my email addy with the appropriate information.

Thank you in advance.

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Its cheaper to buy it yourself rather than a private prescription. Forget the QE their policy is levo only, that goes for all their endos.

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Email for a list of member recommended endos.

I'm not sure how helpful it will be to find another endo who will prescribe NDT and T3 if your CCG and GP practice will not prescribe them. You might consider buying Thai NDT and European T3 which are quite affordable.

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Psue, occasionally a post will really upset me and yours is such a post. Clutter has given sound advice, took the words out of my mouth. T3 is pretty cheap from Europe (I'll PM you the link) and lots of people are successful with the Thai NDT, maybe someone else can PM you that link, I do not have it (I take a different NDT). The T3 is very easy and fast to get, do that first, some people only take T3 and do very well. it will not hurt to do T3 only for a little while while you organize the NDT from Thailand. I was going to add that reading up on nutritious food would probably work out cheaper than buying vitamin tablets. There is a lot to learn but start off eating lightly cooked veggies and eating some fruit while you are studying up on how to get all your vitamins from your food.

Just a random thought floating through my head: a bottle of a single vitamin here is about $15 (some are $30!). $15 will buy me two weeks worth of fruit and veggies which provide me with a dozen vitamins. Give it a try, and give my love to Birmingham, my home town.

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