Poor Levi obsorbtion ..high tsh

Ex cancer patient /no thyroid:

Tsh =31.4..Range (0.4-5.0)

Free t3=3.1 Range (3.5-6.5)

Free t4=14.3 Range (11.5-22.7)

Waiting on tsh receptor antibodies & thyroidglobin..Vit D & B12 all in good rages

Medication is taken hrs apart from other meds or food..and no herbal or multivitamin s ???

Thank you guys for reading my post ..

Seeing endocrine & dietician in mcg 2 wks .

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  • Thyroidfighter,

    What dose Levothyroxine are you taking and how long have you been taking it?

  • 175mg

  • Thyroidfighter,

    Have you been taking 175mcg for a while and was TSH previously lower?

  • 150mg 6months ago ..raised due to raising tsh & hypothyroidism symptoms.to 175mg..Still no joy ?

  • Thyroidfighter,

    You're not being well looked after. Thyroid tests should have been done 6-8 weeks after raising dose to check you were responding to the dose increase.Some thyCa patients are advised to suppress TSH to avoid cancer recurrence.

    It would be helpful if your endo prescribed Liothyronine in addition to 175mcg Levothyroxine in order to raise your FT3. It is low FT3 which causes hypothyroid symptoms.

    The most common cause of Levothyroxine malabsorption is coeliac disease due to gluten intolerance. Your GP or endo should order tissue transglutamine blood test to rule out coeliac. If coeliac is the culprit absorption of Levothyroxine will improve once gluten is 100% eliminated from your diet.

  • Was dx with Pbc (primary billary chirosses of liver)..Poor spelling😩...Jun 2016 & said about dairy intolerance being poor along with wheat..tested for celiac and came bck all clear/normal Range .

  • Thyroidfighter,

    Dairy intolerance and wheat intolerance may be causing the malabsorption. Eliminating dairy and wheat may improve absorption.

  • Seeing dietician tomorrow..waited 3months for a one to one..so will bring up too x

  • Keep fighting gp about gluten and they didn't feel this is a issue 😩

  • Will do ..Thanks for that.x

  • Might bring up the addition al t3 meds to see if that helps when I see my endocrine guy ** thanks for that ..just feel like I'm talking to a brick wall and taken that I'm making up all my symptoms**

  • May 2016=5.4



    Oct 2016=23.3

    (150mg) waiting to see specialist plus vomiting virus..thought this might be the course of absorption.


    Nov 2016=33.7

    (150mg but raised to 175mg)


    Jan 2017=31.4


  • Thyroidfighter,

    I think you should have thyroid testing followed up in June/July and there should have been investigation into why you aren't absorbing Levothyroxine back in the summer.

  • With the liver dc and spine injection s for unstable spine just didn't have the fight in me to chase these drs up as at the time felt like I wasn't being listened to..Seeing my original surgeon who did my thyroid op so I shall be asking b4 that appt for another blood test .

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