Genova Saliva Cortisol Test

I have done my first sample. I decided to go for it, not because I believe in adrenal fatigue as a diagnosis but to just rule out any cortisol issues as my fatigue levels are pretty bad again recently and have been for a year, plus I am on an anti depressant that lowers cortisol and I want to make sure that's not lowering it too much. If so I am going to wean off it slowly.

How to I get the results? do they go to Thyroid UK and then i am emailed them? and do they come with a range?

Thank you


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    The link is for ThyroidUK's page about Genova tests, scroll down to "How to get your test results", and there is a link to a contact form. Fill it in and ThyroidUK will send your results when they are released to them.

  • Brilliant.

    Thank you.



    Scroll down to where you order the adrenal stress test.

    Click on "Sample Report" and you will see how the results come.

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