Hashimoto and alcohol intolerance

Hi. This is a random question but just wanted to check if anyone has an answer.

I have Hashimoto and have suddenly developed an intolerance/allergy to alcohol. I don't drink a lot, a few glasses of wine once a week. After a drink my face goes really red and burns. I've googled this and it seems I have developed an inability to break down a certain enzyme in alcohol.

I just wondered if this could be connected to the hashi and if anyone else has experienced this.

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  • I have an alcohol indifference since my hypo really took off around six years ago - I was Hashi's too, now my thyroid's been pretty much eaten up...atrophied the medics call it :(

    Used to really lurve a glass of wine or two. Twenty years ago would get hammered on Laphroaig and pot cocktails regularly and had a huge tolerance, although Keef Richards could still probably have drank/toked me under the table... :)

    Doesn't touch the sides, these days. I enjoy the taste, still, but it has no effect whatsoevs. Bummer. Haven't had a doobie for years, either - that used to get my rocks off. Regret to inform this granny quite clean living now and haven't bothered to quest for a new drug which works in the way a bottle or two of claret or a little Afghan gold might, back in the day :D

  • Hello

    Yes, I experience this too. The inability to tolerate alcohol was one of the first signs that I was hypo back in 1999.

    I believe it is down to lthe body slowing down hence alcohol taking longer to metabolise.

  • I just got diagnosed with Hashis after xmas after 10yrs hypo. I couldn't manage wine for the weeks before that as a glass gave me a hangover after about half an hour. I'm gluten intolerant so I wondered if the Hashis had made me sensitive to other things ( the 'hangover' was very like being glutened) as Hashis and food intolerances are both immune issues. Vodka didn't seem to affect me in same way. Could also be the histamine and/or yeast in wine that is affecting you. Try some vodka or gin to see if you have same reaction. I've tried some wine to test myself and it just tastes horrible in my mouth now!

  • I always feel like I have a hangover with or without alcohol, I put this down to being hypo and not being adequately treated.

    I gave up alcohol some years ago however, I may try your suggestions.

  • I am Hypo i dont have Hashis but find i dont tolerate alcohol well, i do like a tipple of wine usually red but dont tolerate that well now. So when i can afford it i buy organic wine online, which is really lovely with none of the crap they put in it now a days.

    But i dont go over board and feel okay on a glass or two


  • Great question! I've always been able to have a few beers no problem, and I really love craft beer, so it's kind of a passion of mine! Sadly though, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's recently and it seems I'm having the same problem as you.

    I had like, two beers the other day (very normal for me), and I ended up BLACKOUT drunk. Like, I was so freaking embarrassed. I figured it had something to do with a new medication, but it was such an odd experience for me. I have no desire to test that theory again, so I guess I'll just have to give up my enjoyment of having a beer now and again. :( I wonder if Hashi's is the reason, now that you've brought it up!

  • Gut issues frequently surface with autoimmune disease. If you are suffering from leaky gut the alcohol may be leaking into your bloodstream too rapidly from your gut and affecting your brain. I, too, used to react quickly to any kind of alcohol. I gave up alcohol along with gluten, caffeine and dairy to heal my leaky gut and cut down on the thyroid antibodies.

  • its definitely food for thought nonameslob.

  • Yes, same reaction. Plus hot flushes later. I really hate this illness.

  • I get the hot flushes, too, which I used to only get with red wine! Now it's any kind of alcohol!

  • Yes, same here. I love wine, not the hard stuff, just wine, but I can no longer drink more than one small glass with dinner. Parties are scary, I am expected to drink more than one glass - it flows all night - and everyone is so grateful that the host just opens up his cellar. Not wanting to appear ungrateful, I drink as much as I can tolerate which is now not very much. I think the days of drinking all evening have long gone. I don't get paralytic or anything like that, I just fall asleep! Just not the fun person I used to be. But, you know, that's not all bad, Christmas is behind us, so no more scary stuff for another 12 months.

  • Like many others, I found this was one of my first symptoms of being under - I found I'd be hammered and with a dreadful hangover on only a couple of drinks. Now I rarely drink and if I do, it's only one glass max two.

  • I had to stop drinking alcohol because after a small amount the hagovers would last for days!

  • I havent been able to have alcohol in any form for about 8 years now. Any form of stimulant drives me crazy. Heart rate goes bananas and i feel like im going to pass out. Have had to give up caffine makes me feel drunk. I have to check all food labels for traces of alcohol. Have to watch certain herbs or anything that stimulates my nervous system. I am hypo but docs all say im not but tsh slightly high and ft3 and ft4 too low. Ive been in A&E a few times but they say Im just anxious! Grrrr....

  • I don't get hangovers, my face goes a very bright red and burns.

  • Hi, I've only just been diagnosed, I'm on 25mg of thyroxine and my TSH is 6.6 (range 0.5-4.8)

    For the past 3 years I've had terrible heart palpitations if I drink wine and I get terribly hot, almost burning over my entire body. I've been at the point where I've thought I might be having a heart attack or something. My hangovers are terrible only after a small amount of alcohol.

    I thought I'd developed an allergy or something and have tried organic wine but this made no difference. It now sounds like that this maybe linked to the thyroid issue and I am relieved it isn't just me! I've found white spirits like gin and vodka work best for me now but I sometimes bite the bullet and enjoy a glass of wine or two.... but I pay for it.

    Threw trial and error, I've found Chilean or South African White Sauvignon wines least impactive than any other... yes I've done a lot of testing :-)

    Chillis can also get my heart racing!

    Good luck x

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