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Under active thyroid and supplements

Hi all this is my first time post. Having read a lot of various posts

My question is. I'm on levothroxine 100mg

And various other meds. I've also been told I'm diabetic but no meds prescribed.

How may of you take supplements and how many supplements do you's take. Do you's take them with prescribed meds or at various times. Just I've read about so many different ones helping different ailments and just wondered is it safe to take them all

Many thanks for reading x

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have you had




vit d3 tested ?

because in order for the levothyroxine to be utilized its vital that all the above are at least HALFWAY in their ranges nothing else will do

do not take supplements for a couple of weeks before such tests and then post results



Free T4

Free T3

will help us to help you


'Supplements' are not magic bullets. None of them are. They will only help you if you need them. Therefore, it is best to get tested, as reallyfedup says, and start taking what you need, not what someone says helped them. Because it might just not help you. :)


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