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Hypothyroidism and Cold Urticaria. (Hives)


Does anyone know if there is a connection between hypo. and cold urticaria.

A few years before been diagnosed hypo. I developed quite bad urticaria one winters day. I had taken the dog for a walk and on the way back got talking to a chap who kept me talking for ages. It started to snow and was bitterly cold. When I got home I had urticaria on my legs, they itched like mad. I never had this again until a year after been diagnosed hypo. I had been left on the starter dose of 50mcg. levo. my TSH was top of the range and my Vit D was very low. I again got the urticaria on my legs but this time I was in the house so was not cold.

This was four years ago and I have not had it since until New Years day when we went for a walk on the beach to blow away the cob webs. I could feel my legs getting really cold and when we got home I had the urticaria on my legs again.

Today I have just finished cleaning the bathroom and the top I am wearing got wet and cold and as put the kettle on for a cuppa I could feel my stomach starting to itch where the top was wet and there were small patches of red which looked like urticaria again.

I am due my thyroid blood tests next week at the Doctors so it will be interesting to see what my levels are like.

Has anyone else found urticaria, especially cold urticaria is connected to their thyroid or Vit D levels.

I am presently taking 1.5 grains W.P. Thyroid.

Many thanks.

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We've had a few past posts re hives which might be helpful.


Thank you shaws,

I will read the posts in the link.


I think the second down is the latest.


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