Did anyone see the 'miracle cure' for hypothyroidism in Casualty on New Year's Eve?

Wow! So this was the much heralded episode of Casualty that dealt with a thyroid condition... The character's TSH reading came back at 1.9 ('normal' for all the rest of us...) and FT4 was low, so doctor ordered an immediate dose of thyroxine and within minutes the patient's condition was stabilising... Yeah... right! 😂😂😂

Hmmm... where did these scriptwriters do their research??? 😳

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  • It was, I agree, dreadful. The patient was lying down, but had enough strength and muscle control to have their head upright - not propped by pillows. Obviously solely to get a better camera angle.

  • Hi

    yes I saw that too. Totally unbelievable. If only it worked that quick.

  • If only the labs would actually test FT4 levels with a TSH of 1.9!!! 😂

  • I think that qualifies as 'science fiction', doesn't it?

  • You are so right but it just goes to show what people really think, especially doctors/endos :)

  • Yup. They just have no idea!

  • I'm sure actors must have had someone with medical knowledge (!) informing them - no wonder we're in such a mess due to how mis-information is then absorbed by the audience who assume it's easy-peasy to be diagnosed and treated and if they know someone who is hypo and complaining think they're hypo-chondriacs.

  • You don't really think the actors have any in-put, do you? They're just given their scripts and have to do as they're told. No-one listens to actors in a series like that.

  • I don't blame the actors but the writer, I suppose, who has assumed that one dose solves all symptoms and patient recovers.

  • Yes, he didn't do his homework, did he! lol I hope thousands of hypos write to the BBC to complain!

  • I take it that this program was in the UK, and if so when was it televised and what station, as i would like to watch it on catch up.... I am going through a really tough patch, for a year now have been on lots of antidepressants on and off, not taking anything at the moment, but feel so bad with anxiety and depression, as well as going through late bereavement, but nothing makes me feel any better..... my blood tests come out normal, even my adrenal glands came out normal, have even started smoking after 18 years, my life does not feel going on, so I would love more information...

  • Not sure if you will be able to access the site, but here:



    Casualty is a very long-running hospital soap set in an Accident and Emergency department. Originally based in Bristol and largely filmed thereabouts, was moved to Cardiff a few years ago - but they didn't add any Welsh accents!

  • Get yourself to a good nutritionist, you are probably deficient in some vitamins or minerals. D3, fish oil, magnesium, B vitamins,

    5-HTP, Theanine are all elements that if we are deficient can contribute to depression.

  • Anything helps with the way I am feeling right now, as I can't sleep or eat, and feel absolutely terrible, have been like this for a year now, and not getting better..... so thank you so much for your reply.......:(

  • The numbers weren't mentioned And the doctor tested for more than TSH , hence the other interventions,

  • The numbers were mentioned... TSH of 1.89 and low t4 of 02...something or other (dialogue lost by doctor speaking over her). If you watch it on the link provided by Helvella it occurs at precisely 33mins 32seconds!

  • What was good was that an underactive thyoid is not just obesity ( and you can be obese regardless), it's also slow heart heart, low body temperature; hence more likely to get hypothermia. For me the joint and muscle problems were the biggest problem. The fact that it was described as a condition was good. The link with bullying was good, re being overweight . I'm the same person as I was when slim; but treated very differently now that I am overweight. I'm now in in my 50s, so its less severe. As a teenager, being overweight was hell.

  • Slow heart rate

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