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I have been on 90 µg twice a day of Armour Thyroid along with compounded T3 20 mg I have a new doctor and she lowered my armor to 60 µg twice a day and I started to have some hair loss tired Ness and hand swelling she now wants me to go to only 60 µg once a day and continue the T3 I am confused do not want to go that low anybody know anything or why she would even suggest that I have not got a chance to talk to her just the nurse

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  • Skychic,

    For your own benefit, it really does help to get the units right!

    Armour Thyroid will be 90 milligrams (mg). T3 will be 20 micrograms (µg or, very often in medicine, mcg).

    It would be really helpful for you to have and to post any test results you have had. They might help us to understand why this is being done - whether or not we agree.

    Not at all comfortable with you being told to make changes via a nurse. Seems unreasonable to do so without you having any possibility of discussing.

  • Skychic,

    Members are not likely to be able to advise without seeing your recent thyroid labs. If you want to post your results please include the ranges (the figures in brackets after the results) and members will advise.

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