off the main topic ... but extreamly relevant methinks !!!!!!

at this time of the year I would like to change from the ''norm'' and NOT make a '' new years resolution '' --- but , to imagine polishing that magic lantern and get 3 wishes , ---

mine would be as follows =-....

1 ] for everyone that I do AND do not know to have real happiness within and without themselves

2 ] an abundance of wealth of health for all that need it -- money is only superfluous without health !!! no matter what your own problem may be !!!!!!!!!!!!

3 ] to hope that I can have the ability to try to help others in any way that I possibly can , in whatever way that I can as I have tried to do this past year ---- even if only with understanding and empathy .---- the karma will surely return 100fold !!!!

I wonder how many will join me in my thoughts on this ?????

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  • I'll certainly join you Alan and also wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy New Year.

  • thank you

  • Alangardner,

    I'll certainly join you in wishing everyone a healthy and Happy New Year!

  • thank you for your reply and also for all of your input to many on here that have needed it

  • Alan, I'll join you in wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy 2017!

  • thank you

  • What lovely wishes, I'll gladly join with you in sending you good wishes to everyone. A very happy and heathy New Year to you and your lady Alan.

  • thank you and please accept our returned wishes for yourself

  • Happy New Year Alan and to everyone else on this forum , love and hugs to you all x

  • me too Alan. Happy new year to all x

  • thank you

  • Lovely sentiments. I do believe that your good karma will help you as bad karma deff hinders my t4/t3 conversion 😉 Wishing you a happy healthy new year too xx

  • thank you ..... I truly believe that if you willingly give out good karma you will get it returned a thousand fold in many different ways , some that may never be connected to the karma that you freely give out

  • I agree alan xx

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