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I have manage to get an appointment with endo at long last. Had to insist the doctor made the referral. I took the advice you guys gave me after I posted my results and have been taking vit b 12, iron, vit d for about a month now. brain fog has gone bt I am still tired although not as exhausted. I have managed to go back to work but feel at the end of the day like a car that has run out of fuel. My appointment with endo is on the 10 January do I need to stop taking the supplements or should I carry on. What should I ask the endo? Any advice would be appreciated. I have never seen an endo before and I have been hypo for 11 years.

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Taking supplements for one month isn't going to return all your levels to optimal. It usually takes a lot longer than that. Iron is particularly slow to get optimal in some people.

In your previous post you gave this result for ferritin (I haven't looked at all the other results, sorry)

Ferratin 58 (range 30 - 480)

You need to raise this result to mid-range i.e. approximately 250, Some people don't get maximum benefit from iron until their results are a little bit above mid-range.

Since iron is poisonous in overdose it is essential to re-test every three months or so, depending on how well you absorb iron, so you know when to stop supplementing.

It took me nearly 2 years to get my ferritin and other iron results up to mid-range, although many people will absorb much better than me and will get their levels up in about 6 months or so.

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Please continue with your supplements as advised on your other thread.

Some of the symptoms and signs you are having are due to you having sub-optimal levels of the B12, folate, vitamin D and ferritin.

Many NHS trusts, CCG, healthboards etc actually have policies in place where they will not prescribe supplements other than iron unless people are severely deficient, and your test results while deficient aren't considered by the NHS to be in the severely deficient category.


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