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Help with test readings

Hello. I live in Spain and until last week didn't know that I had an under-active thyroid. My Spanish is OK but the doctor doesn't speak any English. She told me I was under active and prescribed me levoxthyrine. Can someone tell me what the results mean please. I don't understand the readings. Dr put a circle around Tirotropina 12,264, Tiroxina (libre) 0,63 and Folitropina 83,8.... all Spanish to me!

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Tirotropina sounds like Thyrotropin to me, and that is an alternative name for TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone).

Tiroxina (libre) is almost certainly Free Thyroxine, usually referred to in the UK as Free T4.

I can't work out what Folitropina is, sorry.

To understand your results we would need reference ranges, so that we can see the numbers in context.

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Actually, I think Foliptropina is probably Follicle Stimulating Hormone.


I will try to copy the page that the dr gave me with the results. Being my first diagnosis, I have nothing to compare it with and do not know what normal levels should read really. Thank you.


Tirotropina = Thyroid stimulating hormone

Folitropina = as humanbean says Follicle stimulating hormone

Tiroxina (libre) = as HB says again - Free Thyroxine - FT4

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There is a string of websites around the world based on the idea that at least a summary should be available from "the professional" side of things. They are very useful despite sometimes being too brief and a bit simplistic. You might find it useful to visit both Spanish and English versions, as linked below, flitting back and forth as needed. (They will not be exact word-for-word translations of the whole site. Each site is done by bodies in the country.) With a bit of effort and luck, you'll familiarise yourself with the terminology both as it applies to you and in both languages.

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I was also diagnosed in Spain - over 20 years ago with hypoactive thyroid. Like you I lived in Spain at the time. They did an echo graph of my thyroid gland & like you I was put on Levoxthyrine.

When I came back to the UK 15 years ago I saw my doctor about it & he decided to do some tests after which he "experimented" on me for quite some time to see what dosis was best for me. I ended up on 50mg as my body wouldn't tolerate a higher dosis. So I've been on that low dosis for the past 12 years at least!

Since I discovered this forum, a month ago, I've found out sooo much more about my condition & I'm now starting out on a course of trying to get things fixed!

I wish you luck as you try to get your condition sorted out.


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