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Blood tests

Hi everyone.

I just had a call from my doctors expecting blood test results from last Friday, but instead saying my blood sample "failed" (or equivalent terminology). I admit I was surprised when they only took one tube, and left me with a huge black and blue bruise and did comment to the nurse.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? -annoyingly the consultation with the doctor scheduled for tomorrow is now pointless and I'm going to have to wait a long time over the Christmas holiday to get my results

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They should have been able to do some with one vial but some are not so good at taking blood especially some GP nurses whom I gave up with a long time ago and was always covered in bruises. I always go to the hospital walk in clinics with people who take bloods all day every day and never have a problem there and results are pretty sharpish and you can call the GP receptionist up over the phone to get the results even if you can't see the GP. If she was inexperienced as it sounds, she may have used the wrong vial or it could have just been dropped :-/ lol!



I've had blood tests done and the results never turned up but I've not had any explanation why.



Sometimes they don't take enough blood, it's not stored correctly or something happens at the lab. I've had the latter and it was at a hospital.

Also the number of tubes they take seems to be depend on a mixture of the tests required and the number of different labs it's going to.

Anyway it's annoying but it's not your fault.


Thanks everyone. Just chatted with the nurse. Turns out despite my tube providing 8 tests and being the correct colour, pathology (testing my antibodies) wanted their own tube.

Scheduled a phone appointments with my doctor to discuss results after Christmas.

And additionally it was the same nurse. She apologised profusely for the green bruise and the second test today was pain free so just bad luck last week!!


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