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GP Edinburgh for thyroid/PA

Hello all,

I'll be moving to Edinburgh next week and hope to finally find a GP that takes my thyroid and PA seriously. I've rented a flat in Polwarth/Merchiston? on the Union Canal, thus that's roughly the area I'd be looking at. The Uni of Edinburgh practice might also be an option, though I think they currently don't accept any new patients.

Important: finally a GP that takes my PA and thyroid problems seriously.

Please send a private message or reply here if this is allowed.

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Feel free to repost your question if you haven't had feedback via private messages.

I hope your move goes smoothly and you'll be happy in your new home.


Thanks Clutter :) I hope everything goes well. At the moment the movers are still leaving me in the dark as to when my furniture arrives *sigh* but I have a furnished room for now. It's a great place, and there should be more GPs to chose from anyway.


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