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Long Time member but lost thread

Had difficulty in getting reastablished with Health Unlocked.

After sending half a dozen emails with no response, I have now rejoined using another name.

Hashimotos treated with T3 only. Coeliac under control now. Low iron for many years but have now had three infusions and so much better.

All symptoms are now under control except that I cannot stand for more that a minute and cannot walk more than thirty yards. Still hoping for improvement despite age creeping up!

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I am glad you have been able to get onto HU even though you had to change your name.

I am also glad that you have had good improvements but am sorry you're not able to stand too long.

If you have had an up-to-date blood test please post the results with ranges for responses.

If you haven't I'd suggest getting a new one and ask for a Free T3 and Free T4 to be also taken. These two are important for us as we need both towards the upper part of the range. Rarely do doctors or labs request these as the mainly go on the TSH alone. If lab wont do them you can get a private one from a recommended lab.

The link below will give a better explanation re FT3.

Blood tests should be the earliest possible and fasting (you can drink water). also allow 24 hours gap between last dose of levothyroxine and the test and take it afterwards. If GP hasn't tested B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate for a while ask for these to be done too.

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Hi Shaws, you mention Levo in your message but I am on T3 only and have been for the last four years. Which is why I am so much better than I was.

On 20 Oct 2916 my blood results were:-

B12 416.4. (197 - 771)

Folate 18.9. (4.6 - 18.7)

Iron 10.3 ( 6.6 - 26)

Ferritin 152 (after three infusions)

Vit D 77.56 (50 - 140)

The thyroid results are not applicable to T3 patients but were

TSH 3.2

Ft4 1.3

Ft3 3.8

Ranges not on the print out. This was after a day with no T3

I have been seeing both Endocrinologist and Gasroenterologist. The latter being a wonderful help.


I am on T3 only but your TSH is still too high. I feel very well with no clinical symptoms. You need an increase in T3.

My last result was TSH 0.08 - FT4 <5.2 - FT3 4.8 (2.60 - 5.70).

Of course, not everyone's results will be identical but your TSH needs to reduce.

(I am not medically qualified).

It's good that your Gastroenteroligist is helpful.

Bloods aren't my forte but your B12 could be higher - towards 1,000 is the new suggestion. You can supplements with B12 sublingual methylcobalamin B12.


Thank you Shaws. I do use that sublingual spray, and have done for some years.

I will try to adjust my T3 but I have been very careful to increase slowly as per the "Recovering with T3" protocol. I have tried to increase before but had problems. We will see how I go.


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