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Hashi and papillary carcinoma

Hi I hoping to pick the brains here 🤓

Had TT for cancer this year.

Long story, years ago had high ANA bloods and was query Lupus , never confirmed,

Kept coming up on blood tests but nothing happened at consultant level , so I gave up trying to improve my situation, met with poor doctors, rude , fobbed off etc. Totally disempowered by it.

Any Way as far as I know NO test ever done for thyroid disease till diagnosed with cancer on needle thingy ? Forget the abbreviation

Found out that hashi can be the forerunner of papillary carcinoma?!

I struggled for years in my adult life with health issues (am doing a lot better now🙂)

I wondered if hashi was the problem all along, I am going to introduce the wheat, dairy free diet to see if that helps me further.

My Reverse. T3. Was 23. Range 10-24

Reverse T3 ratio. was marked Low. L10.28 . >20

Wondered if there are any clues there to support my theory ?

I have learnt so much from this wonderful forum, sorry it wasn't before now though.

Last my job to it and relationship difficulties. Oh dear, I know others suffer very much with this and other health problems but feel angry sometimes at lost years.

Thanks for any thoughts xx

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Since I had a thyroidectomy for Hurthle cell carcinoma Hashi's has burned out. I have annual thyroglobulin and thyroglobulin antibodies tests and thyroglobulin is undetectable and thyroglobulin antibodies negative so I have no thyroid activity or antibodies.

If your surgeon removed your thyroid because it was malignant a radical thyroidectomy was probably done to remove all thyroid cells so even if you had Hashimoto's prior to surgery it has probably burned out without a thyroid gland to target.


Oh ...... I see 💭😘 thanks x


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