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Blue horizen test

I tried to extract some blood yesterday for test snd failed .

Blood every where except in the pot.

Useless me. I so need to get retested for Folate and others. Dont want to overdo the iron.

Anyway BH were brilliant and will resent kit. I was so worried because of the cost. Big thankyou to BH.

Worried about trying again though😳😳

Tried all the recommdnded things 😬

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Have you thought about using their new nurse service? Think I am going to do that next. It is quite expensive but much better for me. I can't seem to be able to do the finger prick tests myself. I've also been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and can do the blood spot glucose testing for that no problems but just can't seem to get enough blood out of my fingers for that test. My neatest BMI hospital is in crewe also which is far away from me.


Thanks. Didn't think of that will do so as don't want another episode

Such a useful forum for info. Don't know what I would do without it


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No problem, think its 45 pounds but yeah may be worth considering and they come out to you.


I will be bold and ask at local health centre when I go next. If I wait that long 😏

But £45 is better than last attempt 😳 Thanks.


Hi Gcart ,

I'm glad that team blue fixed you up with a new kit, good luck!

If it doesn't work again then getting a kit for your clinic to fill would be cheaper than the nurse home visit service for sure!

If not just give team blue another call and we'll sort it all out for you. ☺

Thanks for sharing,



Not sure if I posted resppnse corrdctly but THANKYOU for wonderful service. 🙂


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