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Herbs for hyperthyroid

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I read about these herbs supposed to be good for hyperthyroidism. Bugle weed, Motherwort, Lemon balm and Hawthorn. Has anyone used these and have an opinion on their effectiveness?

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Hi there,

You might like to look at

naturalendocrinesolutions website. The practitioner has Graves and used a mixture of natural remedies to alleviate his symptoms.

Worth checking out.

Arab. 🙂

Hi, I read somewhere if you have a thyroid problem you should avoid lemon Balm?? xx

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madge1979 in reply to kaylala68

Why ???

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kaylala68 in reply to kaylala68

It was a while ago I read this maybe I took notice as I have both graves and hashimoto's ,you read so much it can blur after a while .

Hi, i too have read to avoiď lemon balm.

Why ???


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kaylala68 in reply to madge1979

Hi I can't remember where I read it but I had graves and now hashimoto's. I think just said to avoid lemon Balm, which I loved made into tea.

I will look into it to see where I read it .

Hi, I would see a herbalist who will assess you properly and will deal with the whole you, not just your hyperthyroidism.

I'm training to be a medical herbalist/naturopath but I'm right at beginning so can't help at mo.

It is my intention to see the tutor/ director of our course privately for my hashis- he reports having good results with auto immune conditions.

Definitely an avenue worth exploring!

As Bluedragon said, see a medical herbalist who will treat you holistically. They'll also make sure you won't be given anything that is contraindicated to your condition & any meds you take.

The quality of herbs they can prescribe is far superior to most OTC herbs, so worth the additional expense for not getting a hit or miss treatment. Prescribed herbal medicine was the only thing that helped with the "womens' problems" that I suffered with for years. I only tried it when my friend was studying for herbal medicine degree. :-)


I stumbled across Roassane Calebrese on line she had a severe case of Graves and is in remission after using Dr Robert Morses Protocol. I'm currently trying this as I have sub clinical hyperthyroid (graves)

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Carew in reply to citizenm

Seems to actually SELL an awful lot of products!

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citizenm in reply to Carew

yes a few bottles of herbs and they're not cheap. From what I can see though, the protocol is driven by a detox using raw foods, primarily fruits. A lot have reported that the herbs just give it that extra nudge. I'm happy to change my diet if it means a chance of stabalizing or keeping my thyroid in the future.

Well I got flowers of Scotland Tea as somebody on here said it was good for hashimotos it has lemon balm and Hawthorne as2 of the 10 flowers in it. You got me thinking as I dry my own lemon balm to make tea with BUT I have just tested it and I can't tolerate it sob sob (I really like it) I then tested the flowers and can't tolerate that either, so if anybody wants a free sample of Scottish flower tea send me a PM and ill post it to you. Wscjko1 thanks for posting as I now learnt to not drink things I can't tolerate

Best wishes

I have Graves' disease ...now in remission ... I am Euthroid , I treated myself after Carbimazole ... with herbs minerals and vitamins .. I feel it is Unwise to advise people to avoid lemon balm ... I've been using it for hyperthyroidism along with bugleweed and motherwort for many months now with great results !! And I would recommend it to anyone with Graves' disease for anxiety and insomnia ...


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wsjkcj1 in reply to madge1979

Do you still take Carbimazole? I found lemon balm and Hawthorn tea in local stores but haven't found Bugleweed yet. Do you use it in tea or is it a pill?

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madge1979 in reply to wsjkcj1

I no longer need to take Carbimazole ...I am now Euthyroid

but after Carbimazole I felt as though I was still a

more than a little Hyper .. that's when I started with

L .Carnitine , Bugleweed , Motherwort and Lemon Balm all in tincture form, I mix equal quantities together in a large brown glass bottle with a dropper and take it whenever

I might feel a lit,the anxious ... which is not very often now !

lemon balm has been around for centuries and is a wonderful calming thing to take, helps detox .. it helps to reduce the thyroid hormone ...it also helps greatly with sleep problems .. much better than drugs. AND supports your immune system .... wonderful !


ps yiu can buy Bugleweed tincture on Amazon ..excellent

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