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naltrexone is it safe

Hi I have just read a very interesting letter on the forum regarding Naltrexone being used for controling fluctuating graves antibodies, I have increasing arm and hand pain and wondered if this is due to long term Carbimazole use, I have been taking Carb for 4 years now and although I am not experiencing the awful symptoms I had ( shaking sweating etc) I have problems keeping my T4 under control if I reduce the dose I can feel the symptoms returning so increase the dose again its a roller coaster all the time constantly titrating my dose my biggest worry is long term Carb causing the problem and how successful is naltrexone and more to the point is it safe and what side affects does it have I have tried to read up on Naltrexone but still not sure about it, any advice would be greatfull before I talk to my GP thanks

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I can't comment on the Graves' aspect of things, but I can assure you that LDN is considered a very safe treatment.

I have mine prescribed privately and it's dispensed from a Glasgow pharmacy, which compounds the medication into capsules, sugar-free liquid, or sublingual drops. I have the liquid and have found it very effective for the pain of early RA. Not sure about my Hashi's, as I haven't checked abs recently, and my thyroid function has been pretty much wiped out anyway.


many hypo patients take it and yes its safe ...time it was nhs


I think it can be prescribed by the NHS on a named patient basis, not sure which specific circumstances will allow this. Possibly if you get something like LDN privately then demonstrate that it's working for you, that might help your chances.


I have Hashimoto Thyroid..I have been taking Low Dose Naltrexone (4.5) for going on 1 year. My antibodies tested at greater than 1000 prior to starting treatment, at my last test after 6 months on LDN I tested at 580. Still very high but cut in half. I don’t have a lot of side effects except I don’t really get a buzz on the glass or 2 of wine I drink at night. That’s kind of a bonus.


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