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Scared due to symptoms

Hi, I'm Dixie, thank you for adding me. I am 52 and was diagnosed with under active thyroid about 7 years ago and felt ill since and getting to the end of my tether. I have also been diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Fibromyalgia and severe peri-menopausal symptoms. They prescribed Candarsarten, statins, citralopram and levothyroxine. I've seen a neurologist, a rheumatologist, sleep clinic and ENT. All I actually want to see is an Endo but my doctor thinks my thyroid is treated. I just feel so poorly, totally fatigued and exhausted, nauseous, emotionally distressed, etc I am going to end up losing my job. Please help me with any tips as I'm running out of steam... thank you xx

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you must get hold of a copy of the test results they are basing their decision on (your legally entitle to copies of blood tests )

then post on here so we can see the problem

its vital to never take your thyroid meds in the 24hrs before the test and ensure its early morning and fasting otherwise tests are skewed and your story happens

whatever you do avoid all those other horror meds although you are likely to continue to need the Blood pressure meds for the moment

fibro ,depression etc are all part of badly treated hypothyroid so take heart and move fwd

Ask for

thyroid antibodies


free t4





vit d3

then a picture will emerge


Thank you so much x


Take heart, ther is help and great support on this site.

You WILL improve, just be patient and easy on your body for now, till things get sorted.

You doc may not agree to all the tests suggested, but head over to Blue Horizon, if you are able, and pay for a full Thyroid +12 test. They are incredibly quick. Post the results on here, ad go from there.

I've just started on a similar journey, and am starting to get much better (I ended up in casualty and got changes on my MRI, but here I am, improving, shedding statins, blood thinners and now hypertensives, as my thyroid and vitamin levels improve, along with my improved health, and recovering brain YEY!)

Good luck


That is good to know thank you x


Please ditch the statins and go to Dr Malcolm Kendrick's site to find out why. Your cholesterol levels will normalise when your thyroid settles and statins do not work for women plus people with higher levels live longest!!!!

I have been there!



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