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Normal results but experiencing symptoms

Hi, I have recently been tested for thyroid problems due to a large goitre on my Thyroid gland. The GP said results came back OK/normal.

However, I am experiencing symptoms of underactive thyroid - specifically, constipation, muscle aches, menstrual issues, anxiety and brittle hair/nails.

I am not a medical professional, and certainly don't know enough to challenge the GP.

Any advice would be great?

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My advice would be to get a copy of your results if you haven't done that already, and post them here. It often is easy to see what if anything is going wrong.


I know exactly how you feel. Had a benign goitre in 1989 and a multidodular in 2005. These were both growing INWARDS, not outwards as is traditionally thought. Both removed by surgery as I was nearly strangled in first instance and utterly devastated in second.

There seems to be one overriding principle the doctors take which is to only proceed with surgery when the patient is in danger. Thyroid surgery is very dangerous, certainly something to be avoided at all costs if other treatment is available.

Your symptoms seem quite mild at the moment, so you could ask your doc what route he is following in your case and what symptoms you will have to start suffering until something drastic can be done like surgery. Just bear in mind that the advice you will be given if surgery is booked for a TT that all you will have to do afterwards is "take a couple of levothyroxine pills and you will be as fit as a butcher's dog once again" is total rubbish. You MUST take NDT.

It is unlikely that your blood test results will be of much help, but please list them here.

The probable conclusion will be that you are undermedicated, a very frequent event.

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