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How on earth do you sleep after Hemi Thyroidectomy? ?


Morning, had my Hemi Thyroidectomy on Thurs. Spent one night in hospital wired and probably high on morphine so couldn't sleep at all. First night at home last night and can't lay flat so lots of pillows etc but my body just won't sleep sat up. Every time I drift off I start sliding into my usual position which then causes agony in my wound. I am completely exhausted as I didn't really sleep couple of nights before op due to pre op anxiety. Any suggestions welcome 😑

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Take pain relief before you intend to sleep and when you slip down the pillow you may not be so aware of the discomfort.

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I don't think my pain relief is strong enough. It still hurts all the time even when taking what I'm told to 😥

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See whether your GP can give you something stronger or a mild sedative to take at night.

Hi Adele-84,

Glad you are home safe. I totally understand how you are feeling. I had a full thyroidectomy 3 weeks ago. Things will get better very quickly but the first week was the most difficult bit for me. 3 weeks later, my scar is looking fine and healing quickly. I slept on 4 pillows for over a week I think. It was a pain in the neck 😁 I've written my experience and updates about my thyroidectomy to help others who just had theirs done or about to. It's all on my profile if you want to read. Hope your recovery goes well. In regards to pain killer, I needed Paracetamol and Tramadol together for the first few days. However, it gave me a bit of constipation, so had to drink glasses of prune juice. Quickly solved the problem. I unfortunately had a chest infection when I came home from the hospital. To be honest, I found the chest infection more difficult to deal with.

Take care


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Thank you for the reply, I will have a read. I refused Tramadol as I've been given it in the past and been very unwell. I have paracetamol & codeine, or paracetamol & 400mg Ibuprofen if I don't want the codeine. Hopefully I can get a couple of nights sleep and feel better 😊

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