Right Hemi thyroidectomy

Hi Can I just ask has anyone had a Hemi-thyroidectomy? I had my right side removed 1 week today, all blood levels shows I was euythroid however have a lot of symptoms associated with thyroidism. A week on after having stitches removed yesterday I have a lump on the left side and really swollen more so than few days ago is this normal. I have also felt like I have something stuck in my throat constantly and a massive headache for 2 days? Any advise appreciated...I get my results 2 weeks from op date so should no by next week outcome. I have now been to the doctors since posting this on FB and been advised this is a seroma??

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  • Why did you have your right side removed? I heard that sometimes you can get some blood that collects as a result of surgery but if you've been to see your GP they would have told you if they were worried about it. I had headaches after my partial thyroidectomy. It might have been the painkillers. I had a lot of bruising around the stitches which went yellow on a large area of my neck. It took about a month to clear up.

    My throat did not feel back to normal for about a month and my voice was weak for a while afterwards. In fact, I still find that my throat dries up easily and if I have to strain to talk (like over noise) I start to cough very easily. It's not a problem generally though. It was quite a long while before I could yawn again. Maybe you just need to give your body time to recover?

    I had hypothyroid symptoms after surgery but I didn't realise what it was so it's possible you are getting symptoms. Maybe you need to get lots of rest and be kind to yourself while you recover. I have found that living with half a thyroid has been life changing. I'm learning to live with it and manage my condition better though.

  • Everybody actually laughs in my household when I yawn ..I sound like a blabbering monkey ha ha haaa. Sneezing is even better ! ( thyroid removed in June )

  • Hi Nanaedake

    Thank you for your response. I had the right side removed due to a 1 inch lump in diameter that showed signs of follicular neoplasm after having a FNA. I am 10days post op and advised i have to go back for my results in 2 weeks from being discharged but are still to receive an appt!!

    In what way has your life been changed living with half a thyroid?

    I was told by ENT doc that nothing would change just having half a thryoid removed ( no thyroxin etc)

    Yes i am trying to rest my hubby and kids have been great thankfully they are not to young (13 and 15), i am experiencing though for the last few days i am so exhausted and had for the last 2 nights the best sleeps i have had in mnths.

    I am taking diclofenic which was advised to keep on with as a really good anti inflammatory?

    The doctor has said it is a seroma which is a build up of fluid however after having my drain removed this has started to worsen. I will just give my body time and see how i go.

    Thanks again for your advice and wish you well

    Take care

  • Hi Keeny I had my left removed in June and now I have seroma bang in the middle of my throat I had it drained under ultrasound scan yesterday but Its still swollen , the doctor was recluctant to do this but I insisted. I was told it will go but can take few months. I can't see any results from yesterdays procedure yet but maybe its early days ( I always want things happen immediately) . I had my right thyroid removed 30 years ago and I didn't need any medication either and I have been perfectly fine because the remining thyroid gave enough hormone. Now of course I am on thyroxine as you can't reallt live without any thyroids :o)

    All the best.

  • Hi thyroidhell

    The pain from my Seroma has gone kept taking anti inflammatory. Still quite swollen and feels horrible :( why did you have second half removed? My yawning and sneezing difficult get strange looks off my hubby ha! I think my Seroma was caused by my drain removed. How long was your results? Which part if the country are you in I am north and so far feel my care has been poor.

  • I had 7 nodules and one was 3.5 cm on my left thyroid. The right had one big massive nodule. I didn't have a drain at all and thats why I think I got this seroma now. I had blood test results 6 weeks after the op and they dropped my medication to 75mcg. I am in London area.

  • So where your nodules benign TH?

  • yes they were bening

  • Hello KeenyG75

    I had thyroid cancer so I'm on TSH suppression therapy. That's when you take enough Levothyroxine medication to stop your own thyroid releasing hormones. It stops thyroid cancer from returning. Can you tell me what a follicular neoplasm is?

    For me, living with half a thyroid has been life-changing as it has been difficult to keep the right balance of thyroid hormone and even a small imbalance makes me feel ill. This means constant adjustments to medication and repeated blood tests. I've learned to recognise the symptoms of too much or too little thyroxine but it's taken me 5 years to get the hang of it. My GP's kept putting symptoms down to other factors so it was really hard to get the right help. I have come to accept that I have a long term health condition that I need to manage.

    I've had trouble with Levothyroxine as it's not a stable medication and can be affected by a number of things. Thyroid imbalance affects so many bodily functions including general psychological well-being. This has made it very hard to cope with employment. I nearly left my job a couple of times and had to have some time off work due to poor quality Levothyroxine.

    Your case may be completely different from mine. Hopefully you won't need any further surgery or treatment. If your own thyroid produces enough hormone you won't have to take Levothyroxine and you should be fine when things settle down. If you don't feel well though, go back to your doctor. Lack of thyroid hormone can make you feel stressed as well as tired. Don't hesitate to check things out with your GP and with other people on this site.

    I wish you a speedy recovery.

  • Hi Nanaedake

    To be quite honest I am not 100% sure as they have more or less brushed things under the carpet, been very evasive! I have been copied into all letters from ent doc to my specialist to go. My go after questioning him said I have a 70% chance as I have been staged as a thy 4? Because it's not 95% they will not say it's cancer. This has taken months from me going in March so I am assuming all is OK still waiting fir results from open.Had no letter for check up either.

    The ent told me I wouldn't need meds after only removing half.

    Hope your OK now and everything is OK.

  • Let me know when you get the results. It sounds frustrating and it would be good to know what your situation is. Could you contact your GP to find out what the hold up is? They might be able to find out and explain things in a way that makes sense.

  • I will do I am going to chase this up as its 2am tomorrow:( x

  • I have an appointment end Sept for FNA I have one large growth on rhand side thyroid. How long did it take from the FNA to diagnosis and then surgery?

  • I had my fna a 4 or 5 June had opened 1August still. Haven't had a definitive diagnosis that why they removed right side to biopsy it as fna biopsy inconclusive.

  • Did you have a thyroid stimulation test? I am booked in for one next Wednesday. It just seems to be taking an eternity to get this sorted.

  • I have never heard of this? Does your blood work show you have a problem also with your thyroid as mine was fine I am euthyroid and mine was because of lump.

  • I was at the high end of the "scale" for bloods. But within range. Over the years initially TSH started to creep up. 2 years o given thyroxin for one yerar. Slight improvement initially then increased dose and felt dreadful. Felt as bad on thyroxine as off it. Another GP saw blood results and referred me to Endo who was useless. He took me off thyroxine last July and then tried to put me back on it Feb this year. I refused got GP to refer me to another Endo at another hospital. Currently on no meds but having lots tests. I have hashimos I had ultrasound in June. Have one large growth rhand side, biopsy booked Sept and I have to go for this thyroid stimulation test which will show well thyoid working and any damage shd be highlighted. Apparently this test was used years ago before the TSH blood test but some endos going back to it.

  • Well good luck chickens keep me posted. X

  • hi keeny, i cant believe how alike our situations are i am 12 days post op for a left hemi, due to a 1 inch nodule which was a thy3 reading meaning follicular neoplasm all went well and have had stitches removed, but they had problems removing the drain when in hospital which was more painful than the incision area, all was ok but i have a swelling above the cut slightly to the right which has become tender and sore, this was not painful after the op but has slowly become more painful, i am also very tired, i have to wait about another week for results to see if the lump was cancerous if so have to have other side out and rai treatment, consultant said that the lump looked worrying on removal, i was already on thyroxine for an under active thyroid, i would realy like to know how you get on i also have not got an appointment yet, i live in the essex area, good luck.

  • hi me again forgot to say my voice is very weak, i cant shout, dog loving that, and have only just managed to yawn scary but still painful, had camera down throat on evening of op to test cords but all ok cant walk and talk much at the same time as voice gets tired but is improving daily, only this swelling causing probs

  • Hi muppy wow! Very similar. Have you sneezed yet? After not hearing anything at my 2am appt had passed I called to be told I had missed, never received letter to say had appt....Fuming and was told to ring this we'd to speak to Secretary as on hol. Then by Thursday eve my neck was a little red by Friday was red and looked infected so hubby trotted me to walk in centre who sent me to a and e were I was seen by on call ent who prescribed 2lots of anti b which have made me feel poorly :( so still no further am so upset! X

  • P.s muppy hope you feel better, your swelling apparently is common and maybe sift tissue damage which I was told Fri will keep you posted same to you.

  • HI i hope the tablets are working, my neck is a little red and puffy above incision still i have started taking ibuprofen today and hoping i can manage untill my follow up appointment, it is sunday today and 2 moro will be 2 weeks since op, i am waiting for results to say weather the follicular neoplasm was cancerous if so i will have to have other side out and then rai treatment. i sneezed for the 1st time on friday and it was ok a bit painful as is yawning at the last stretch, what is upsetting is that all was going so well, didnt need pain killers from second day, although had to stay over 2 nights as my drain was not draining enough, its only a few days ago that it became painful just when you think you are on the mend, do you know yet when you get your results, also what area are you in, i am in essex, quite u nderstand if you dont want to say.. keep well.

  • Same as me 're problems with pain. No appt have to ring we'd :( I live in the north east...well get it checked let me know how you do :)

  • Aaw, hope you feel better soon.

    I have thyroid symptoms, tests normal, possibly euthroid but Dr. said it not exist! How did you get diagnosed please?

  • Did you ever get the results of your Hemithyroidectomy? I get mine tomorrow from the consultant....

  • I had mine due to a tumour removed I wasn't in any pain post op just very stiff it's so frightening to have a throat op but I no I was OK after I was up on my feet with no complications just a husky voice for 4 weeks good luck

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