Fat 😮

Ok. Im back again for all your fantastic advice. Basically ive read on here that if your t3 isnt converting properly theres no hope in hell that im ever going to shift the now 2 and a half stone that is plaguing my life...and going up every week. 😕 my docs dont and wont test for t3 or even talk about it!! What can i do? Sounds silly but my weight is now taking over my life. I feel depressed about it. Quite happy not to go out as ive nothing nice to wear. I dont feel like me anymore. 😢 thanku for listening.


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  • kaytlou,

    If you have explored every avenue with regard to your eating habits, then you really need to know what your current thyroid hormone levels are before you can assume that you're not converting T4 to T3. It's important to find out what your TSH, FT4 and FT3 are as a minimum.

    If you can't get the tests you need via your doctor, then consider private testing. See this page on the main Thyroid UK website for details of what's available with TUK discounts. thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

    Once you know what your current medication is, or is not, doing for you, then you have a basis on which to consider whether you need to take any action on changing your thyroid medication.

  • Thanku v much. Ive followed slimming world more or less religiously for 5 years and put in 2 and a half stone!! Id laugh uf i wasnt so sad!!! Im going to go down the private testing route i think... 😍😙

  • Without wishing to bang on about something you may have been asked time and again, do you know if your nutrients (iron, folate, b12, d) are up to scratch? When optimised they will optimise your current treatment.

    If it is any consolation, there is likely to be a fair bit of water weight which will go when your treatment is optimal for you. I was found to be converting just fine thanks, all results were stellar, but I was very bloated w fluid retention and that did not resolve, even on a dose of levo that put my tsh below 1 and t3/t4 in the upper quarter. It was not until t3 was added (10mcg worked in a couple of days) that all that fluid whooshed out of me and never came back.

    If you have no joy w docs and you know there is a conversion issue and you've done everything you can to resolve it you can always self-treat, give a little t3 a try.

  • Thanku for your reply. 😊 they tested everything apart from b12, which after my fainting and panic attack episodes (i sound like such a hypochondriac..soz!) I am now supplementing myself. All came bk ok, iron "a bit low" (?!) Where do i get t3 from? And how much do u start off on??

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