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Freezing and fat

I have been on 30 mg armour for over a year. Can not find a good doctor to help me. I have no eyebrows on the outside and I'm freezing. Can't afford to pay out of pocket for natural medicine doctor. Saw on stop the thyroid madness website about thyroid-s. I have found a website to order it. Has anyone taken this product? Is it safe? Not sure how to dose it, but I'm thinking about trying it on my own. Thinking I can't do much worse than the 12 doctors I've been to. Thoughts?

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Welcome to the forum, JulesandMichael.

30mg Armour is an incredibly low dose to be on for a year. People normally start on 30mg and increase by 30mg every two weeks until symptoms subside or you reach 120mg when it is advised to have a thyroid test to check levels.

Do you have recent thyroid results you can post with the lab ref ranges to help members advise? Your symptoms suggest you are quite under medicated.

Quite a number of members use Thyroid-S and find it as effective as Armour and other brands of NDT. You use it exactly the same way as Armour and it contains the same amount of T4 and T3 as Armour.

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As you are new to the forum I am wondering if you have taken care of the basics - like Ferritin - Folate - iron - VitD - B12. These need to be tested and you will need copies of the results with ranges so you can post here and people will help.

These all need to be good and do not accept Normal from Your GP - when he/she means in range. Many need to be at the TOP of the range. Your thyroid hormones will work better when these minerals and vitamins are optimal. In fact no treatment will work well until you have addressed this underlying problem which is so common for most of us.

Do you have anti-bodies ? Do you carry your weight just around the middle ? How is your gut health ? Sorry lots of questions - but the answers help us to form a picture.

Hope you soon find answers.... :-)


HI You are on a very low dose of armour. What are your TSH, T4 and Free T3? Have you had the other tests? Vit D and diabetes , B12, iron and ferritin. All related to thyroid. It can take a long while for all the symptoms to disappear when the dose is right.



These are the test results. Ranges are in ().

Vitamin D - 111 (60-100)

Iron - 91 (80-150)

Vitamin B12 - 1044 (>450)

Free T3 - 3.1 (2.3 - 4.2)

Free T4 1.09 (.82 - 1.77)

Reverse T3 11.2 (13.5-34.2)

Thyroid antibodies - 8 (0-34)

TSH - 3.9 (.45-2)

These are the ones that I have. My body temperature is consistently 97.2. I'm very cold. I ordered the Thyroid-S. Thyroid Gold was so expensive and I didn't notice any results. I was thinking about starting with 4 tablets of the Thyroid - S in divided doses 2 in AM and 2 in early afternoon. Thoughts?


HI You would benefit from some D if your calcium is in range, t4 is better than Free T4 but that looks OK.I would think your FT3 would benefit from being a bit higher. I would slightly increase the dose of NDT to 1 grain , then see what results are in 6 weeks.Your TSH would be fine lower which it will be if you take more NDT.You also need a Ferritin ( different from iron ) and diabetes test.

Best wishes,



If u have not already got a copy I wd buy 'Stop the thyroid madness'. Packed with useful info if u r on NDT. also on this site search 'The Armour Diaries' V useful and v supportive.


Why not increase the dose. sttm has a dosing schedule. You are supposed to raise until your symptoms subside. You are not on enough.


They will not raise my dose. I've been to 12 doctors over the past six years. I'm tired of paying out of pocket for no results. I just want to try it on my own. So I ordered the thyroid-s and I am going to try it. Just need to figure out the dose.

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30 mg is about half a grain (Armour 60, others 65, includes 9 T3 'tho) - a starter dose.

1 grain Armour/ NT/ Thyroid S is bio-equal to 100 mcg Levo (T4) - if memory serves me right .

So 100 mcg Levo (1 grain NDT) is full T-hormone replacement for a 7 stone person (if by weight).

But docs want your thyroid to keep working... so don't give you FULL replacement - a TSH of 3.9 says your pituitary is saying there's not enough!

I have seen many reports that Thyroid-S is fine.

(I paid 23p per grain of NT for comparison)

Hairloss is often low iron and biotin, your iron is low, thyroid hormone & body needs it to work (but not together - take 4 hours apart - Thyroid hormone use transport proteins). J :D


I'm glad that you finally figured out what to do. I don't know what Thyroid S is and will have to look it up. Can you imagine how many people out there, are staying ill and dying by listening to these idiot doctors?!!! We need to have some class action lawsuits over this!!!

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Are you in the US?


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