Fat Shaming

I admit it, I'm fat. I'm 50 lbs overweight. I walk my 10 000 steps a day. I try to stay under 2000 calories. If not less. I do at least 20- 75 minutes of cardio a day. I'm tired. I run on caffeine. Not good I know but I need to provide for myself and my daughter. I wasn't always overweight. It started with the antidepressants after a head injury and stress.

I'm supposed to see a rheumatologist next week. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by my GP 35+ years ago. Now they think I may have something else. Apparently he fat shames. How do you deal with this?

My thyroid specialist said "Yeah, your meds are out of whack. You're getting too much Levo. but you can get your GP to deal with it. I'm just here to review your biopsy. " First time I'd been to a specialist, probably my last.

I wasn't always overweight. Just the last 10 years. I know I'm fat. I do try but it seems the more effort the less results. I've been this weight for 10 years.

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Have u looked at 'weight gain and the TSH' in thyroid science 3(11) E 11-12 2008 ? Be interesting to show consultant? In thyroid science online journal?

How do I do this? I'm new to the sight.

Probably best to search online for Thyroid Science journal and then use their search facility to find it with the title of the article? See above

However I found it through trawling back on This site looking for responses on thyroxin and weight gain

Thanks for your help and patience

If you post your latest results with ranges members will be able to help. Sounds as if your T4/Levo is not converting into the ACTIVE hormone T3. Do you have Hashimotos ?

Marz, not that I know of. I was diagnosed 35 years ago by a GP. Treated with levo and tested. I have never seen a specialist until last week when they found a nodule on my thyroid. The specialist said it's benigh. Talk to your GP about your levels because your TSH is high. You're taking too much levo. See you. Literally in and out in 8 minutes. Less if he didn't have to write down the meds I'm on.

It would still be good for us all to see your most recent test results so we can give you individual advice rather than speculate. You must find out if you have Hashi's. Time to make up a file and take control. If your FT3 is low then members will be able to help 😊

If your TSH is high you are taking too little levo. Are you sure it was a thyroid specialist you saw?

He called himself an endocrinologist. Wasn't interested in my levels or other questions. Just made me lose a 1/2 days pay for a 10 min or less consultation.


If your TSH is high you are undermedicated and need more Levothyroxine, not less. You need to get hold of your thyroid results to see whats what.

TSH too high, too much levo is not possible. TSH too high-you need more levo, : too much levo - your TSH would be too low

I'm told I've got normal thyroid hormones but I have a goitre that's getting larger and causing me distress. And I can't lose weight either, no matter what efforts I make. It's damn miserable isn't it ? I think if he starts to get shirty with you, get shirty back. Drs are there to look after our health. A mechanic fixes your car, you don't expect them to insult your car. Drs are mechanics for people and that's their job. I now chant the following daily " What's the difference between God and a dr? God doesn't think he's a dr"

I'm feeling a bit anti dr today but if you want to lose weight tell him you do and you need help with that. It's his job to provide medical help to do that.

Completely agree with you about getting shirty. At the end of the day, its our body and we know how we feel. Most of the experts in my experience know nothing. I reported my Endo last year, didn't get me far and she didn't want to see me again, but the feeling is mutual. ;)

Certainly sounds that the dose isn't right for you. Many doctors thing that if you are in the range you are fine but it's where in the range that matters.

I've just answered almost the exact same question on the last post.


I would say the same things to you.

I know it's not much comfort, but those who fat-shame, are often just scared. If it happened to you, it could happen to them, so it has to be your fault. However, excess weight doesn't always equal excess fat. Hypos very often have a lot of water weight, which has absolutely nothing to do with what you eat or how much you exercise. And is entirely not your fault!

But people can only shame you if you allow them to. Don't allow them to. Keep your head high and look them straight in the eye, and say 'so what'. You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. And, if it's a doctor that's trying on the fat-shaming, like so many of them do, just tell him that if he treated your thyroid correctly, you wouldn't have that problem!

I would add that I'd tell any doctor who is directly insulting, I don't like the way you are talking to me and will be considering formal complaint, you are making huge assumptions about me and your attitude is not helpful!

Very good reply! But, maybe a bit too much to remember on the spur of the moment, because we never know when they're going to come out with these outrageous comments!

oh yeah on spur of moment when not expecting it very hard to speak up, but if you are expecting it, which when you are fat and ealing with the medical profession you normally are, always good to have thought through possible responses in advance.


Grey goose and sulamaye. Thank you. I've always been a healthy weight until the last 10 years. I gained it quickly and now it doesn't budge. Hard to accept after being fit all my life. The knowledge I'm gaining on here is better than any specialist I've seen. At least you answer my concerns and questions.

The problem is, the specialists are diabetes specialists, they don't know much about thyroid!

Wonderful reply Sulamaye, I'd love to be that assertive, any tips?

Be prepared with some set responses and then say them! Of course the hardest dr to deal with is one who doesn't say it out right but implies it. Or when you have m.e who you can just feel is doing the internal raised eyebrow, deep sigh and ' oh dear she's psychosomatic no point breaking it to her!'

I know exactly how you feel Katchame, :( I was once told, "get off your arse and take responsibility for your actions despite the medical professional messing me around for nearly 20 years. However, before they started messing me around, I never had a weight problem or anything and had been on the dose I am now, all my life. Even walked five miles a day to work and collecting the kids from school. I am now on my original dose but because of the damage already done, my weight is up and down and I can not sustain it. People just raise their eyebrows as much to say "Here we go again, blame it on the gland" I am now classed as morbidly obese and have odema. :(

We all get categorised no matter the circumstances, so now I refuse to justify myself, someone somewhere will always judge and have an opinion. But it is bloody hard.

Take care :) x

That raises an interesting question : can we be classified as obese if it's water retention, not fat?

"Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have a negative effect on health."

Wikipedia definition.

Ironically my feet started swelling especially my left foot as soon as they changed my dose so dramatically. My feet and legs get that heavy with fluid sometimes, that when I take my diuretic, I can be weeing for hours at a time. Sometimes, I weigh before I take it and I have been known to lose up to 7lb in one session and it is all fluid. When my feet are really bad, they look like blown up marigold rubber gloves lol :( I have to wear special prescription shoes now. Not at all flattering. Can't get shoes to fit me, even with extensions. :(

Yes, I get feet like that, sometimes. I have terrible trouble with shoes!

I succeeded in losing weight, and feel generally much better, on a very low carbs diet. I'm not hungry, and can eat delicious food, but no sugar in any form. PM me if you would like more information.

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Ruthi could you email me re above <email address deleted> thankyou


You don't need to post email addresses on the forum.

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Your "calorie controlled diet" could be the issue.

Avoid Refined Carbs & "Low Fat" food.

Foods labelled Low Fat just means full of Sugar.

Buy a carb counter book & learn where the hidden carbs are.

Avoid Pasta, bread, biscuits, cake, fizzy drinks.

Eat more protein & fat. Good for you & make you feel full.

Understand how fat is stored on your your body. Choose foods that won't cause Insulin spikes.

Do it properly & you will never be hungry, while the weight will fall off.

Hi Katchame! I agree with greygoose and I think this video might help :)

Lots of hugs Xx

Please get a copy of your blood test results, then post them on the Thyroid UK Forum on HU.

I couldn't loose weight on 8,000 calories a week until I had my thyroid hormones sorted. Endocrinologists repeatedly prove what idiots they are by relying on TSH, not symptoms.

On the meantime, cut out all processed foods from your diet, especially artificial sugars as they are toxic, & wreak havoc with the gut & metabolism. Avoid eating synthetic foods like margarine, they do the same. Try to eat lots of fresh fruit & vegetables, & add a good probiotic to your diet. I eat kefir every day, which is good for nutrients like vitamins B12 & K2. Make sure you're getting enough iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium, & vitamin D3. You need these to get levethyroxine T4 to convert to triiodothyronine T3, which your cells need.

Look up the Barnes basal body temperature test, & buy a thermometer to check whether you're undermedicated.

Apologies for any bad spelling, I left my specs at home. :-(

There is a possible link between blood sugars, metabolism and an untreated thyroid disorder! This happened to me, I was undiagnosed for 6 years with hypothyroidism. Once treated I lost weight slowly. If you HbA1c results are top of the range you could be prediabetic. Ask your GP to do a HbA1c test.

A quote from healthline.com

'One thing to note is that although hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism do not directly affect blood sugar levels, not treating thyroid disease can cause lots of issues in managing your blood sugars because of the effects the symptoms have on your body and how your body metabolizes glucose and insulin'

Change to NDT, gluten free, sugar/artificial sweetener free, eat plenty of fatty fish/meats and keep up the exercise and you'll be a stick before you know it.

Unfortunately as hypothyroid sufferers we don't burn as many calories as those with normal tsh. Even when your numbers are right. How tall are you? 2000 calories a day is quite high believe it or not if you're average height it should be more like 1600 to 1800 if you're active. We urn on average 200 calories less per day than normal people. Tough but true and yes low carbs does work

Sounds to me as if you are doing your best and it is your doctors' time to do something.

I have a good friend in the USA who is fat, but eats like a sparrow. She cooks us lovely meals but hardly tastes them herself - we love her to bits.

PS So many doctors are . . . . !

We cannot really give advice without test results and a symptom list. If you've not done so already, then spend a few hours reading around the subjects then keep us posted with progress

My generic advice on weight is to eat healthily, exercise healthily, expect and accept change to come slowly, accept that where you end up is the way things are for you, accept that people are programmed to look down on fat people, and let critical thoughts and comments go over you without reacting. Keeping to a diet is hard. Try the many different diets that might help. Find a group for it, others are the best motivation. Look for potential reasons and be honest with yourself.

As for 'fat-shaming', IMO it is an unhelpful term that helps no-one, not even those who have a medical cause. From the experience of helping my ex-wife run a popular weight-loss program using food replacement packs and pop psychology, the term and the thinking behind it handicap the vast majority who are fat for psychological reasons. Unfortunately, people with an underlying medical issue will get tarred with the same brush, with others, whether by upbringing or inherent human nature, seeing them as lazy, greedy and lacking in self-discipline.

As a last thought, medical specialists such as endocrinologists see many people with self-inflicted fat, so it's not surprising they may be suspicious. Don't take it personally; reacting will only make getting to the bottom of your issues harder.

I changed to NDT after only 6/7 months on Levo. I am 70 and still weigh the same as I did when 40. When I was first on Levo I gained 10/12 lbs in a matter of a few months.

Try eating organic fruit and veg with eggs, fish, chicken, also keep off the coffee and tea try to drink a good bottled water. if you like nuts just a few per day are great. I have eaten like this for years and as I said I only put on weight whist on the dreaded Levo.

Don't feel bad about your specialist. Went to my cardiologist who reviewed my blood work from my endo. She said you're low on (sorry it's escaping me now. Begins with a "f".) I asked her what do i take to compensate. She said ask him. He did the blood work. I don't think that's what a doctor should say. Answer something and say but check it out with your endo first.

As far as weight, a nurse said to me I'm not moving my bowels often enough how many days am I constipated. I said I move my bowels 2-3 times after every meal. She didn't know what to say. I think some people who are in the medical profession should have chosen another profession.

Years ago I belonged to a group called LeanLine. I lost two pounds a week and went below goal. Too many life situations occurred and I got off track. Kept weight off about 15 years but it crept back plus. I'm much older now and only want to lose for health and knees. LeanLine went bankrupt because their treasurer stole all their money. He went to jail but they never came back. I'll try to find their info and share. It really worked. And it was easy to follow. Went something like 2 proteins a day, 3 vegetables, 2 fruits, 1 oil, 1 dairy, and other things plus free things. You just checked off when you consumed each and when all were checked you stopped eating for the day. If you needed something more you went to the free items. I didn't drink the recommended water or even do the exercises but busy with work, kids, and yard work kept me busy enough. People said I was too skinny but I felt great. The program was developed by two professors from Rutgers University. So sad their program is not around anymore. :(

Bonnie T. Your story about Lean line made me giggle. What a twit. Stealing. Then bankrupting the program. Some people. Thanks for your help. I'll google it to see. But I do eat healthy most days. I work 3, 12 hrs shifts Tuesday-Thursday. Plus 6 hrs Mondays and Fridays. So by Thursday supper I'm knackered. Sometimes manage a bowl of cereal for supper. I'll try writing down my food. Good ideas. 💕

LeanLine was not so much about eating healthy. It's more about balancing what you eat and it was a must to eat all that you were allowed. I was skeptical when I joined but said I'd give it a week. I lost 3 pounds the first week. So I kept on going. Mostly list 2 a week some weeks none but then 3 again the next week. We met once a week. Shared recipes, played some word games to lighten the mood. I'm definitely looking for that info. Have a wonderful day!

Hi dear, I too am overweight but dropped ( after 10 yrs of nothing) 26lbs. I got much more than you to go. Cardio may be too intense with thyroid issues for you right now. Look up Dr.SaraGottfriedM.D. she is in the states as I am, her HORMONE RESET - ALL DONE ONLINE is a God send!!


Hi Katchame

I'm feeling sorry for you with all these suggestions for how you should eat - from personal experience my weight fluctuates regardless of what I eat and I have never been a big eater, I eat no sugar nor sugar substitute nor foods/drinks cotaining these, no gluten so almost never eat pasta/rice etc, no meat, fish, cheese, eggs or milk, no soya and very little fat in any form. No prepared foods at all.

The dietitician (The 'tit' in that spelling was a mistake but might raise a laugh) I was referred to recently told me I do not eat enough, must eat more, especially more fat and protein and must snack between meals. I can't.

I teach yoga, sometimes 4 classes a day, so plenty of exercise and I also garden and take a large dog on long walks yet my BMI is slightly above where it should be.

So, please know there are many of us who know how it is, we know we eat little and exercise plenty but can't seem to influence the weight.

The most comforting thing that has ever happened to me was this: my brother and family are all overweight. We were all just chatting about weight one day when my brother unexpectedly said to me "but you are never greedy". Knowing that just one person knew that has comforted me ever since, I wonder if you have such a person or could reassure yourself?


You need to get your meds sorted if undermedicated you will just keep gaining weight.

I'd also advise giving gluten&Dairy free a go. If you have Hashimotos you may just see the weight drop off.

Look at bluehorizonmedicals.co.uk

I'd say it would be hugely worth getting some private bloods done so you can sort things yourself as Drs are really not worth talking to about the thyroid at all!

Thyroid plus 11,12&15 are all good tests. Post results on here and we can help you.x


firstly where is the weight distributed:

1. around most of your body ?

2. mainly around your 'saddlebags' ?

3. mainly around your tummy ?

secondly have you asked your GP for your Thyroid test results.

He should at least have your history of TSH and possibly your T4.

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