I've had a few problems with my throat. sometimes when I lye down my airway feels constricted and I have to have another pillow to feel I can breathe freely. Also I find drinks go down the wrong way sometimes. After I've eaten sometimes I cough and a bit of food comes from in my throat. I'm a bit worried should I speak to gp.Has anyone experienced anything similar?

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  • Yes I get this. I have a constant lump in my throat and can't swallow food without water. I have choking fits, sometimes it seems over nothing and my voice gets very hoarse. I find laying on my back difficult as my airway feels like its closing. Ive spoken to several gps about this and seen ENT twice for camera down throat but the only thing they said it could be is acid reflux. After reading several times on here that thyroid issues cause low stomach acid (not high) I doubt I have acid reflux! I think it is my thyroid with possible nodules but getting a doctor to listen when thyroid is mentioned is like asking for the moon.

  • I had this for years and it turned out to be silent reflux. I had no idea as had never had heartburn or indigestion. Gullet was damaged to the point if I bent over food was coming up. High dose of lansoprasol for a couple of months and change of diet (no garlic, onions, less red wine) and it pretty much back to normal. Don't know if I had high or low stomach acid! The consultant said it didn't matter as the treatment needed to be the same to heal the oesophagus. Either way it's better now ☺

  • Yes I do have this kind if problem , always seems like there is catarrhal matter in my throat.. sometimes liquid goes wrong way, I hiccup on bread and mashed spuds and can't usually finish a normal meal, I eat a lot of veg and fruit which I can manage.. I have reflux which is not good at night..and anything sweet leaves a horrid reflux taste.. I have just been diagnosed as borderline hypo , I sleep well, don't feel tired but still get disturbing half hour deep sleeps later in the day and evening.. very constipated with sluggish slow evacuation..only on 25 Levothyroxine..



  • Hi, I had this feeling to. I had tests and it was found I have oesophagus dysphagia apparently they timing of the oesophagus on swallowing is out of coordination .

    But since seeing a private endo who said I should give up gluten that feeling has got better .🙄

  • Thank you. I'm on gluten free bread and on soya milk. This helps but I find it too difficult to give up all gluten cos now we have no children at-home we eat out more .i will ask speech therapist about the swallowing thing.

  • Hi sorry forgot to mention lots of places cater for us gluten free folk. But failing that steak jacket potatoes or boiled potatoes with veg is always on the menu xx

  • Hi Dee188,

    I too saw a speech therapist and wasn't able to help much.

    I know it's very difficult to follow a gluten free diet when you have family at home but it really does help in lots of ways by giving it up altogether and there are some comments on the forum that says soya is not very good for us either.

    But it's just a little planning and you can do it with some support. I work full time and have lots of people to feed. But I explained to them all mum needs some help to feel well and they are now a great support .

    I too had all the problems with throat etc. I know how horrible it is but since I have done this it has gone .

    We are all here for you to help you through this.

    Good luck. xx

  • I know I read about soya milk too but soya light is mainly water!I don't like my coffee with coconut but oat milks not too bad.

  • When things got really awful for me I didn't really think if I liked something or not, I just new I had to do anything I could to feel better. I now follow the advice of all the knowledgeable folk on this forum and I'm doing much better and feel I'm getting a bit of me back.

    I hope you find the light at the end of the tunnel everyone deserves to feel well. xx

  • Ive got vcd and gerd both cause this feeling

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