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I would like to exchange opinions with other parents with the same or similar problem

Hi guys,

My baby is 16m old and 5 weeks ago I started to give him levo 25mcg. He is very difficult eater and he doesn't put enough on weight and the most important problem is that he is only 67sm tall. We ( My husband and I) met paediatrician when he was 3m old and the paediatrician said that before his 1st year everything is about nutrition and feeding. We made twice blood test, because our T4 and TSR was low we start with 25mcg levo. I don't find any changes with his feeding or appetite. My big concern is his high. Does anyone know anything that I could do or any advice is very welcome?

Thank you in advance

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Hello Aarina

I'm sorry for you and husband as parents of a new baby who has congenital hypothyriodism. That must have come as a shock.

I cannot give advice but other who have/had congenital hypo, or any knowledge, will respond.


This might be relevant:

"It is concluded that by the age of 3-4 years stature is essentially normal in children with early treated congenital hypothyroidism but that the increased head size reported before screening may still be evident in early infancy."


Thank you very much for the optimistic news :* I'm so worried and any information is very welcome.


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