What Would I do without this forum?

The members on this forum help me keep going when I am really struggling.I posted yesterday that I am dealing with severe anxiety & low mood,after over a year of much improvement on T3.

I know it is adrenal fatigue again,thanks to this forum.

I have had some really supportive & informative suggestions,which I will reply to individually.

Thank goodness for this Thyroid UK forum

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  • Thank goodness indeed, & thanks to all the wonderful moderators & clever people on here!!!

  • Yes, it's a great forum, with great members, always helpful, and so much knowledge, all gathered in one place!

    A special thanks to the great moderators who spend so much time on this forum!

  • Totally agree, great forum, great members, great moderators.

  • Totally agree. I would feel so alone in a crowded room without this site. Thanks to every one here for their continued support. xx

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