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Two weeks after my long awaited endo appointment, i was just starting to calm down until todays post when i received a copy of his letter to my GP (who had actually suggested a trial of T3).

During my appointment, the endo refused point blank to even discuss T3 as "it has no place in the treatment" levo is good enough. He told me my levels will always fluctuate and that basically, the best thing that could happen was for the antibodies to hurry up and destroy my thyroid completely so that I could get to the maximum dose of levo........and presumably no longer be a burden.

I have another blood test in 2 weeks and at that point he quotes that "further titration of Thyroxine will be required". He goes on to say that if there is too much instability, he will look at a course of block and replace. Is this usual for hypo.......I've had this treatment years ago when i was hyper.

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  • Wow, how awful. I think you need a more informed endo! I paid to see a private endo (you could ask here for suggestions of endos who do use T3) after consulting and getting the OK for T3 the endo then offered to follow up through NHS. Don't give up! You also have the option of self medicating and many of the people in this forum have the experience and knowledge to offer as you make your way to better health. Best wishes

  • I should have said Imagisal, the referral to endo was way back in May. I started topping up my levo with a little T3 towards the end of June. I'm actually starting to feel half human again thanks to the fantastic support and advice here.

  • That is good news! It is still scary to know that endos with this attitude are out there though!

  • Salshep,

    I'd get shot of him. Block and replace is for hyperthyroid patients. Email louise.roberts for a list of member recommended endos and see whether your GP will refer you to one of them.

  • That was what I thought clutter, not sure what he's hoping to achieve........maybe kill what's left of my thyroid. I'll stick with my levo/T3 combo which seems to be suiting me well.

  • hi salshep ..could you ask your GP for a 2nd opinion ....what a way to treat people. Your GP sounds understanding. I wouldn't go back to that Endo big hugs xx

  • I'll stick with the advice here exhausted 124, after following advice from the fantastically knowledgeable people here im actually doing pretty well on my levo with a tiny bit of t3 on top x

  • Hi salshep.. yes it's a great forum and I have had lots of brilliant advice in last 5 weeks. Take good care Jane 😀

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