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Blood Results Help Please

Where to begin in Jan 16 I was diagnosed with a nodule that was benign. Bloods up then went down. In July I had a nasty fall down the stairs which took some time to recover from, somehow I don't think I've been the same since. My bloods are out I've been suffering with fatigue aching joints chills and sometimes sweating for no reason, headache, brittle nails to name a few and generally concerned that something is wrong. These are my results can you help please. I did ask for a full Thyroid test but this is what they did + some others which look to be in range, but concerned about these... and will be very grateful for any insight as can't see Dr until Friday eve :(

Lyme Borreliose

Indice IgG <0,20

Indice IgM <0,20 N:0,25 - 4.00 for both report says possibility of Lyme disease

Protein C Reactive 30,00 mg/1 N,5

Creatinine 8,4 mg/1 N 5-9

Sodium 141 mEq/1 N136-145

Potassium 4,9 mEq/1 N3,4 - 4,5

Chlore 105 mEq/1 N98-107

Transaminase SGOT 38 UI/1 N5-32

Transaminase SGPT 59 UI/1 N5-33

GAMMA GT 11UI/1 N<40

CALCIUM 90,2 mg/1 N86-102

Ferratine 584 ng/ml N13-150

TSH 2,61 mUI/1 N0,25-4.00

My TSH in July this year was 1,75

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TSH >2 indicates your thyroid is beginning to struggle but NHS doesn't usually diagnose hypothyroidism until TSH is >4.0.

CRP 30 is very elevated and indicates inflammation in the body as does elevated ferritin.

Elevated transaminases may indicate liver damage

I don't know how to interpret Lyme results. It may be worth reposting and asking for help with the Lyme results in the title.


Thank you for your help will look at your suggestion.


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