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Where to begin in Jan 16 I was diagnosed with a nodule that was benign. Bloods up then went down. In July I had a nasty fall down the stairs which took some time to recover from, somehow I don't think I've been the same since. My bloods are out I've been suffering with fatigue aching joints chills and sometimes sweating for no reason, headache, brittle nails to name a few and generally concerned that something is wrong. These are my results can you help please. I did ask for a full Thyroid test but this is what they did + some others which look to be in range, but concerned about these... and will be very grateful for any insight as can't see Dr until Friday eve :(

Lyme Borreliose

Indice IgG <0,20

Indice IgM <0,20 N:0,25 - 4.00 for both report says possibility of Lyme disease

Protein C Reactive 30,00 mg/1 N,5

Creatinine 8,4 mg/1 N 5-9

Sodium 141 mEq/1 N136-145

Potassium 4,9 mEq/1 N3,4 - 4,5

Chlore 105 mEq/1 N98-107

Transaminase SGOT 38 UI/1 N5-32

Transaminase SGPT 59 UI/1 N5-33

GAMMA GT 11UI/1 N<40

CALCIUM 90,2 mg/1 N86-102

Ferratine 584 ng/ml N13-150

TSH 2,61 mUI/1 N0,25-4.00

My TSH in July this year was 1,75

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  • GaynorW,

    TSH >2 indicates your thyroid is beginning to struggle but NHS doesn't usually diagnose hypothyroidism until TSH is >4.0.

    CRP 30 is very elevated and indicates inflammation in the body as does elevated ferritin.

    Elevated transaminases may indicate liver damage

    I don't know how to interpret Lyme results. It may be worth reposting and asking for help with the Lyme results in the title.

  • Thank you for your help will look at your suggestion.

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