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Private iron infusions in London

If u have low ferritin, supplements aren't working and your gp won't help - and you have cash - a private clinic in London is offering iron infusions for £650. Is kosher, and might help some. I don't have any links with them, just read it in the Mail. Called The Iron Clinic, run by Prof Toby Richards, a surgeon at UCL. Will come up if you google it. I think yr ferritin has to be under 30 to qualify for treatment, with symptoms.

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£650?! Wow.


That's Harley Street for you ;) .....£200 consultation and £450 for the infusion but I gather it's the "one off" infusion type?

I expect the consulting and treatment rooms are lovely! :)


Yes, it's supposed to be one off. But it will be worth it for a few who can afford.

It would be helpful if we knew what NHS costs were for each visit and procedure. I think we should all get a slip of paper on each visit.


The Claremont Clinic around the corner from Harley St also do iron infusions. My ferritin was 18 and so an Endo recommended I have a few to see if it improves my fatigue. Thankfully it was all paid for by insurance. The iron clinic I believe is self pay.


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