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Help on cortisol testing please

I am doing a 4 a day cortisol test but I take 175 levothyroxine and 10 liothyronine (t3) in the morning, should I still take it that day, or should I not take it even in the longer run up your advice is great fully received, thankyou.

I have also received a test for reverse t3.... what should I do in preparation for this?

Any of you that know my case...... I fealt cured of my schitzoaffective disorder diagnosis (bipolar and schitzophrenial) for 6 weeks after taking the 10 of liothyronine (t3) then it stopped working completely so I feel reverse t3 may be at play and am getting my cortisol checked. Also does any one know what has happened to professor Schaulte? He was the 1st person to have said there was a misdiagnosis. And does anyone know of any nhs or privete psychoneuroendocrineologists please.

Yours thankfully Michael.

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zebady Do you have the kit already delivered, and have you read the instruction leaflet? It says:

Do not change use of supplements or medications unless instructed to do so by your healthcare provider.

As this test measures cortisol and DHEA and doesn't measure your thyroid hormone then as it's essential medication you should continue to take it as normal.

If you're still doubtful you could contact Genova and ask, but their usual answer to queries is to suggest you contact your practioner.

Sorry, I've not done a rT3 test so can't help there.


Thanks, I'm using zrt laboratorys and it says.... continental to take your hormones as perscribed.... but it also says for optimal timing of collection wait 12 to 24 hours after last dose, I may have made an error going with these guys but would have thought the testing process is the same as with other companies but advice is different. I may be wrong, I'll try and take a picture of the instructions. That arnt all that!


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