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How long can it take to clear rt3 and feel better



I'm writing from Germany. I have Hashimoto since 11 Years and went quiet good with normal treatment for a time. But then everything became bad. I was tired the whole day, depressive and gained 20kg.

After trying natural hormones I got pooling and so we tried to clear the rt3 with t3-only treatment. Now I'm in week 12. Since two weeks I feel a little more active. But until now I did not feel the typical clearing. My pulse and temperarure is still low. Is anyone here who had the clearing after longer time than 12 weeks? I take abour 100 T3 a day in 5 doses.

Is there the typical clearing-feeling for everybody or did someone clear without this? The longer I do the T3-only, the more I have the fear it could be, that it doesn't work for me.

Who does really get better after T3-only? Thanks for your answers. lg Petra

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Took me longer than 12 weeks - more like 16, and I never got the typical signs of cleared rT3, it just crept up on me slowly.

But, I don't think it is going to work for you, taking your dose split in five. The idea is to flood the receptors with T3. Your only taking 100 - I took 200 - and splitting that into 5 will mean you never get enough in your system in one go to flood the receptors.

Also, be aware that clearing the rT3 does not mean that it won't come back. Mine did (although, to be honest, I never had a blood test for rT3, because I live in France, and was doing it all by symptoms). You may have to stick to T3 only from now on. But I'm getting my life back on T3 only (slowly, very slowly), whereas I never did on T4, and got much, much worse on NDT.


I've read that it can take as long as 14 weeks. Another member advised that she very suddenly felt very over medicated on the T3 dose she had been taking and had to reduce dose by two-thirds.

I hadn't tested rT3 but suspected I had a build up of T4 making me ill as I'd felt improvement on 2 occasions when I was taken off T4. I'd been on T3 8 weeks without feeling improvement and impatiently stopped taking T3 for 4 weeks too. By week 10 off T4 (week 2 off meds) adverse effects began to improve. By the end of the 3rd week off meds adverse effects had completely resolved although I was, of course, very hypothyroid by then. I had adverse effects by the end of the 1st day I resumed T4 but the day after I added T3 which seemed to calm the adverse effects T4 only caused. I've been fine taking T4+T3 for more than 2 years now.

Try reducing the numbers of doses you take, while keeping the total dose the same. Perhaps switch to 4 doses of 25mcg for a couple of days, then 2 doses of 50mcg to see what happens. If this still doesn't help then switch to one dose a day.

If one dose of 100mcg still has no effect on you then you should increase your dose.

It took me about 8 weeks to get to the point where I very suddenly felt very over-medicated and I found it scary. I dropped my dose rapidly, then stopped taking T3 for a few days - with hindsight I know I should have just stopped immediately. When I re-started I was okay on very modest doses of T3 and have never needed high doses since. I'm pleased about this - it saves me a ton of money!

Thanks for your answers!

Hi i wanted to revive this thread. I have also been trying to ckear rt3 for 6 month already. I wad on t4 onlt for years but wanted to make my endo happy and try some t4. It was only 50 mcg and only 14 weeks but ever since i need 10 hours or sleep each day and my histamineintolerance is so much worse.I take 100 mcg t3 in 4 doses. I am scared to take it in 3 doses because apparently i metabolize the t3 superfast and need to dose every 2.5 hours. I cant go over 100 mcg though without having diarrhea. Where have you read that you need to flood the receptors? In recovering with t3 Paul says to never take a dise higher than 25 mcg but obviously what I am doing is not working. Anyexoeriencr with this is highly appreciated

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