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Thyroxin Orion + DHEA (3,5 weeks now)

Hello again. I have been on thyroxin and dhea combination for almost a month and on a milk-free diet for almost two months. It is a short time to expect "final" results, but I would just like to ask you a few things.

I did feel slightly better starting thyroxin and maybe it was a kind of a placebo effect, who knows. For the last few days I have been very ill and I thought I might be getting the flu, but no. My symptoms include heavy hot feelings (different from the earlier ones) as if I could n´t sweat the heat out as I used to.

I cannot afford the expensive doctor consultation now because of money shortage, so I just try to hang on. Other symptoms include very heavy lower back pain which will keep me awake if the heat feelings do not... I also have headaches and joint pain in my ankles, wrists and shoulders.

Upon waking/getting out of bed I am so hungry that it is almost impossible to wait 20 minutes after taking the thyroxin tablet (25 something -very small). After eating something I feel better. That leads me once again to questions about blood sugar.

I know I should get up at night when the "heat is on" and measure my blood sugar. I have been awake but so exhausted that I have not succeeded doing this yet. Once I get out of bed I feel shaky and cold. I have so dry and clumsy hands that it is difficult for me to put the needle in place...

I have been hanging on because of my dear dog who is about to have her puppies in the beginning of December. I cannot afford to collapse now. It is a stress situation for me, I knowww.

I wish I could get in a hospital where they could monitor my blood sugar and see the symptoms on/off. That is impossible, though. I can try to persuade the private sector doctor to make a covering note to the public health system...

I would like to hear your diagnoses! Am I hyperthyroid or somewhere between hyper and hypo (with low TSH, low FT4, good FT3)?

My blood sugar has been left unattended for now so I have no idea what it might be after fasting. I will try to find that out myself.

Thank you in advance!

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If you are only waiting 20 minutes before eating, I doubt you're absorbing very much of your 25 mcg thyroxin at all. Why not switch to taking it at night, two hours after eating? That way, you could eat as soon as you get up. That would be better for your adrenals, too.


Oh yes, I could try that. Always wondered why it should be taken in the morning...it is not the optimal time for me. Thank you, greygoose!


You're welcome. :)

I guess it's always said to take it in the morning because that's when your stomach is emptiest. But a lot of people find they do better taking it at night - as long as it's well away from food, etc.


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