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Swollen lymph node completely gone down after total thyroidectomy

Hi guys,

I had a full thyroidectomy a week ago and recovering at home. Ever since I've been having problems with my right thyroid (excessive pain & hypothyroidism), I have had a swollen lymph node under my chin (just under the center of my chin). It remained there for 9 months. I showed it to two doctors who were not concerned at all. I'm not sure if I was the only one who could feel it all the time. Well, since I had the surgery last week, my lymph node has totally gone down. How peculiar! It's puzzling me.

Has anyone of you experienced this before? I would love to hear your take on this or your experience. I haven't received the pathology results yet, so I'm sitting here, convalescing and contemplating about this lymph node. I had my left lobe removed 7 years ago and right lobe & isthmus removed a week ago due to mutiple nodules & inconclusive biopsy and tracheal deviation.

Take care


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I don't recall anyone mentioning it before but it's good news for you! Fingers crossed pathology results are benign.

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Best wishes with your recovery Tamzin.

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